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Load Profile Clock always in GMT, how to change?

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Load Profile Clock always in GMT, how to change?

Hi all,

I've tried every setup in CLOCK screen but anything seens to have efect. The hour on Load Profile Report of an ION 8500 and 8650A are showing GMT, not our local hour as expected.


The CL1 Local Time is correct, as shown in image below (08h15).



Then I generate a Load Profile Report and the timestamp show as follows, with 11h15.


Already changed TimeSync to LOCAL but has made no effect.


Any suggestions????


Thanks in advance!


EDIT: ION SETUP Version: 3.0.17160


This doesn't occur in Version: 3.0.14!

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Captain Captain

Re: Load Profile Clock always in GMT, how to change?

The last few versions of ION Setup, I've added the ability for the user to view meter data in different time zones (i.e. for a meter to be located in a different time zone than the PC).

Previously, ION Setup would show all UTC date/time stamps adjusted to the PC localtime.

Now, ION Setup should detect this when a meter has been programmed into a different timezone and possibly indicate that the meter is either located in a different timezone (or it will automatically select the PC timezone).

To check how you are viewing meter timestamps, check the Device Properties -> Timezone tab as shown below:

What this shows is any UTC stamped information sent back from the meter is adjusted to the above settings (which still could be different than the actual meter settings).

Make sure the setting you have for your device matches how you want to view the data (Note that if the meter has no timezone setting assigned it will still default to your PC setting and not select GMT=0).

If you change your timezone *after* you've defined your meter, this setting could be incorrect so make sure that it is set properly.  I've tried to anticipate any instances where you might of changed the setting but if something is done via the front panel and/or webpage, this might cause ION Setup to show the wrong time.

Also certain registers which are treated in Localtime (like the meter's Localtime register) will remain unadjusted.

P.S. You should leave the Time Sync Type as UTC unless you are using specific GPS based time sync devices which send localtime updates (ION Setup/PME use UTC).