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How do I know if ION Setup is truely able to adjust CM3 CM4 Waveform Log Configrations

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Commander Commander

How do I know if ION Setup is truely able to adjust CM3 CM4 Waveform Log Configrations

I am working on a project which has around 100 CM2000, CM3000, CM4000 and PM8 devices on-site, and I could use either SMS or IONSetup to adjust their data/waveform logs as well as on-board alarms. By comparing the meter's "free memory" counter after the same modfiication was made in ION Setup and SMS, I am not sure if ION Setup really makes the change into effect. And here are the details:


ION Setup version: 3.0.16182.01


Per CM3000/4000 register map, register "403054" is the "Free Log Memory" counter in clusters, and one clusters is 1K (register 403055 = 1024). I started with a CM4000 meter which has 691K free log memory as shown below.

403054 691.png

I then use ION Setup to reduce the max capture number of "Disturbance WFC" log from 13 and 3. After clicked "Send", ION Setup showed me a progress bar to apply and reset the meter, and it indicated the modification was scussed through the message in the status bar at the bottom. I then noticied tha the modbus register "403054" still stayed at the same vaule rather than increased to a larger number (fewer waveform capture should free more log memory...).

IONSetup Adjustment.jpg


I then opened up the same meter in SMS. SMS was able to read out that the "captures" was "3" for  "Disturbance WFC" log which means ION Setup defintely did something to the meter. In order to let SMS redo the same change, I just increased the "caputres" to 4 and then reduce it back to "3", SMS then made the "Update" button available. Cliked the "Update" value, after a while, I check the "Free Log Memory" counter again, and this time, it incresed to "3283" as what I expected.

SMS Adjustment.jpgNew Free Log Memory.jpg


I have also tried similar test backwards: made the adjustment in SMS first (i.e. increase free log memory) and try to reduce it in ION Setup. The "Free Log Memory" value only changed after the "Update" was done in SMS but NOT in ION Setup.


I got a feeling that, while ION Setup was able to write the new configration into the meter, it somehow misses a final "GO" command to let the meter acutally put these configration into effect.


Robert Lee

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Captain Captain

Re: How do I know if ION Setup is truely able to adjust CM3 CM4 Waveform Log Configrations

Hi Yu,

You are correct in that it looks like ION Setup is not properly resizing the allocated # of records when configuring waveforms on the CM/PM devices.  I have actually made a fix and doing some verification testing now and should be able to release a new version which will fix this issue going forward.