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Small Bugs

Metering & Power Quality

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Small Bugs

Hi Robert,


The new version seems to work with the PM8's. I only had two to try it on but there was no issue with the alarm portion of the templates.


There are some other issues.


First, I can't edit any properties of devices unless I am displaying them as 'site information', the other display mode the properties context is greyed out.


Second, you can't get into a CM2 meter unless you change the display template to CM2450. Can you make that the default template selected for CM2's? MAY be a JDX issue - when translating from JDX to ION Setup this occurs. If so, it still would be nice to have the default behavior of Setup to be selecting CM2450 as the default.



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Captain Captain

Re: Small Bugs

Hi Jeff,

Glad to hear that the new version seems to be working for you now.  As for the other two issues, the first is a known restriction that if you are viewing the devices using the "Group" designation, I didn't want to allow you to be able to change the device properties (things like unit ID is needed to be unique in some cases and if a user was just using the Group view, there might be an instance where they are unaware of some type of overlap without being able to identify what other units are on the same daisy chain).

As for the older CM2 devices, ION Setup will typically send out a series of requests to try and identify the device (likely a Modbus Ident one 0x2B and possibly some reading of some other known =S= product ID registers in an attempt to identify the type of device).  I do remember that the older CM2 communicate using SYMAX protocol (and not standard Modbus) and may require that it be connected to an EGX that has been properly configured for the CM2 (so it can do a Modbus TCP <=> Symax conversion) in order for ION Setup to communicate to it (you won't be able to directly communicate to a CM2 without an EGX I believe due to this).  Another possibility is that the older CM2 models are not communicating as I expect and thus ION Setup is unable to identify the device when prompted.