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Problem with ION7550 and automatic reset of kWh?

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Commander Commander

Problem with ION7550 and automatic reset of kWh?


I have a problem with the ION7550 at system with very high consumption.

Does it reset by itself when reaching a very high value?

as you can see here from ION setup:

20:15 kWh del = 9962870

20:30 kWh del = 21597406

20:45 kWh del = 80347969

21:00 kWh del = 139086.66 ?

on Trend it looks like this:

there are some modifications done described  in


for MWh and GWh because of same Display problem.

And there are Modbus Slave Modules e.g. Register 230 for other Master System

Is it a Problem with the meter or a Problem with configuration?

Attached the energy demand of internal storage & Meter configuration file

On ION Reference I found this:

What is best Format fur such big values? At the moment Unsigned 32B is set, because this is the biggest possible ?

What is In Zero, In Full, OutZero and Out Full needed for?

What is the Rollover needed for?

thank you

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Schneider Alumni (Retired)
Schneider Alumni (Retired)

Re: Problem with ION7550 and automatic reset of kWh?

Hi Sven

The reset in the kWh del is caused by rollover. Rollover is a setup register in the Integrator module, defined in the ION Reference as follows:


When the Result output register reaches the value specified by the RollValue setup register, the Result output register will rollover (be reset to 0). Setting this register to zero disables the Rollover feature (no rollovers will occur).

There is also an output register called Rollover Count, which increments every time the rollover occurs.

The default rollover values are defined in the ION Device Template Reference, which you can download here:


More details on the Integrator and other ION modules are in the ION Reference, which you can download here:


Looking at your values and the default, it appears the rollover occurs more as a power of 10 then an actual value, as your rollover occurred when your value exceeded 10^8.

To confirm that this is caused by integrator rollover, you could look at the Rollover Count output register on the integrator before and after.

Hope this helps.



Commander Commander

Re: Problem with ION7550 and automatic reset of kWh?

As indicated above, with all the default value, the energy value will rest back to Zero when it reaches 10^8 kWh. I don't know the application here, but 10^8 is a large number and I don't understand how the rollover could happen so quick. I look at the Energy demand log, the difference of "kWh del-rec" between row 1776 and 1776 is 6576091, which means during that 15 minutes period alone, the load consumes 6576091 kWh. Is it a whole city or something?

Unfortuntly, I don't have a 7550 to load your dcf, but if there is any customization was done in the framework, I would double check that again.

Commander Commander

Re: Problem with ION7550 and automatic reset of kWh?


I have a remote Session today and will set the rollback to 0. I hope this solves the Problem.

The meter is installed in a power plant. This is why they have that high consumption. Would be perfect to configure the Meter by standard as MW GW consumption.But the only way is to connect the kw to a arithmetic tool and divide to e.g 1000 but the main value stays at kw so this is no good solution to be honest.