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Isagraf 3.55 Target 3 to Workbench Target 5 conversion Import issue

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Isagraf 3.55 Target 3 to Workbench Target 5 conversion Import issue



I have Isagraf 3.55 *.Hie file which I would like to import into workbench but it gives me error "Unsupported feature message true/ message false values: Remove unsupported values from an earlier work bench version"


I cannot find exact source of error and dont have any clue as where to look for.


Has anyone had this issue?



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Commander Commander

Re: Isagraf 3.55 Target 3 to Workbench Target 5 conversion Import issue



Unfortunately it is not possible to convert directly from an ISaGRAF application to a Workbench Target 5 application. You will first need to import your ISaGRAF 3.55 application into a Target 3 (CAM3) Workbench application, and then use a combination of manual operations to port the variables and logic sections into a Target 5 (CAM5) application. There's no easy way to convert between Target 3 and Target 5. The flowchart I have attached provides a rough procedure to follow.


Importing into Workbench Target 3 is fairly easy. After opening Workbench, create a New Project, then select Target 3 > Import & select "Import SCADAPack ISaGRAF 3 Project"   Enter a name for the project below, Browse to the desired storage location, then click OK. You will then be prompted to select the ISaGRAF appli.hie file.


Next you create a Target 5 application which will reside in Workbench at the same time as the Target 3 application, so you can copy directly between them. Right-click on Solution at the top of the Solution Explorer, then Add > New Project. This way you can create an identical Target 5 logic section structure and copy over the logic. 


A couple of notes however:

- Target 3 Variables must be exported to Excel, then converted to the same column structure as required by Target 5 before importing. To see the required Target 5 structure, just do an Export from the Target 5 app. It's a bit different.

- Quite a few function blocks are different between Target 3 and Target 5. You'll need to find these and re-create any logic that does not copy over successfully.


Joel Weder
Remote Operations Specialist
Schneider Electric
Ensign Ensign

Re: Isagraf 3.55 Target 3 to Workbench Target 5 conversion Import issue



Although Joel is correct,


I believe the question may be flawed. It sounds like you are converting an ISaGRAF 3.55 standard application to a SCADAPack Workbench application. SCADAPack Workbench still uses a target 3 (or CAM 3) version when following the instructions in the manual for standard SCADAPacks (non-e)


You are seeing this error because some of the True/False fields for VALUE in Boolean variables in the ISaGRAF 3.55 project contain custom words. This is not supported in SCADAPack Workbench conversion.


Please check your program for all global and local Boolean values to see if there values for True/False as highlighted in the attached image. Delete the custom words, then build and save the project and re-import the .hei folder as per the manual. If you have further challenges it would be best to contact your local technical support representative or "SupportTRSS@se.com" shall you have additional questions regarding your project.