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can IONsetup be used to read/display harmonics up to the 50th ?

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Schneider Alumni (Retired)
Schneider Alumni (Retired)

can IONsetup be used to read/display harmonics up to the 50th ?

Customer has no software and is asking to see/ record / display harmonics up to the 50th using M7650 on site.


Many thanks 🙂

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Captain Captain

Re: can IONsetup be used to read/display harmonics up to the 50th ?

Yes, this can be done but requires someone to create a custom table viewer.

Follow the first 4 steps in the following procedure:


Then you would copy one of the standard table viewers instead (ex. Realtime.PML) and open it up in Notepad.

Decide on what type of layout you want to create and determine which handles you need to retrieve (this can be done by either using the Advanced ION module view and examining the ION handles for whatever reading you are wanting to display or getting a list of available ION handles for the firmware you have if available).

Each "cell" in the table view, will likely be of the form:


ex. R2C2=0x5803,0,3,Volts LN Avg

Simply replace the Addr shown with the ION handle for each output you wish to show:

ex. R2C2=0x5902,0,3,V1 HD 3

would show the V1 3rd Harmonic value for the V1 Harmonics module.

You would likely need to change R#C1 values to change the displayed label shown down the first column (the one for each cell is not shown and is just a placeholder comment presently) and possibly the R1C# entries to change the column headings across the top.