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Question Synchronising ION7650 using GPS ASCII string

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Question Synchronising ION7650 using GPS ASCII string


I am trying to connect Arbiter GPS to ION meter, synchronising it with ASCII commands.

The meter configuration is the following:

COM 2 Protocol

GPS: Arbiter-Vorne

9600 baud

0.010 tran delay

102 unit id

8n1 serial

RS485 Bias ON

Clock Setup

Sync Source COM2

Sync Type UTC

Clock Source COMM


With this configuration ION is still unable to get synchronous. COM2 RX LED is On, so I am sure that the connection is good. I have also verified that the GPS is sending the right ASCII string:






Please check my procedure and comment in case I did something wrong.


Thanks for your advice.


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Re: Question Synchronising ION7650 using GPS ASCII string

Hello Isaac,

I see that no one has replied yet, so I would like to try to help.  I am with Cyber Sciences, and we make a Sequence of Events Recorder that can also output the ASCII time protocol used by the ION7650 (and 7550 and PM8000).  I know in this case you already have an Arbiter clock, but perhaps our experience can still help.  (Subject to confirmation by ION meter experts!)

1) You may want to set the Arbiter clock and ION meter (both devices) to use the ASCII option called "TIME + QUALITY" (instead of Arbiter:Vorne).  Vorne is a maker of large displays, and so that option is really best for that company's products.  Using the QUALITY choice will also be compatible with any HMI which displays time quality.

2) I don't think you should enable the RS485 BIAS (leave "off").  This is normally used to bias the master side of an RS485 network.  In this case, the Arbiter clock is master and ION meter the slave.

3) You listed all the ION meter details, but not the settings for the Arbiter clock.  You may want to double check that the clock is set exactly to match ION.

I hope something in this reply is helpful!


Re: Question Synchronising ION7650 using GPS ASCII string

Quite an old question anyway I will try to solve.

I notice that COM2 was set as receiving port so the bias for RS-485 should be OFF ON is for the case that COM2 is use as Modbus Master. This is my analysis try it.

See if the event log show that time change occur or not.