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Link150 Ethernet Interlinks

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Link150 Ethernet Interlinks


I am working on a Power Monitoring project including NSX breakers which have been daisy chained together using the IFM modules back to the Link150 as Modbus Ethernet Gateway. There are two Link150s and only one of them has been directly connected to the Network. The Ethernet port of the second one has been connected to the second Ethernet port of the first one. Below configurations.

I have received only one IP address to be allocated to the one connected directly to the Network. The question is will this configuration work if I don't assign any IP address for the second Link150?

Can the first Link150 which is directly connected to the Network poll the data from the NSX breakers connected to the second Link150?



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Schneider Alumni (Retired)
Schneider Alumni (Retired)

Re: Link150 Ethernet Interlinks

Mohsen Nabizadeh

We have replied to via Technical support case. If still you need any clarification please do contact Technical Support.


Kamal Kumar

Schneider Alumni (Retired)
Schneider Alumni (Retired)

Re: Link150 Ethernet Interlinks


Can you share the information?

Best Regards,


Re: Link150 Ethernet Interlinks

Mohsen   I believe that I understand your question.  It appears that both Link150 gateways will need IP addresses for this to work.  For what you are asking each Ethernet port on the Link that is on the network would need its own IP.  I believe that this is not possible with the current Link 150 since the two ports act as simple repeaters on the main network.

If each port could be assigned a different IP address then a Master Link 150 could be setup to pass data along to a second port with a local private network.  I can imagine this being done with the IP redirecting function built into the gateway.  I an not sure if it would be possible to unlink the two ports for this to work.

So it looks like either you will need a second IP address or have the IFMs rewired to one gateway for this to work for the customer.


Michael Franz
Faith Technologies