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ION8650 DNP Data Quality / Alarming

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Schneider Alumni (Retired)
Schneider Alumni (Retired)

ION8650 DNP Data Quality / Alarming

I am trying to fulfill a requirement to get our ION 8650 Meter certified to use as a RIG on the CAISO control grid. I am running into a stumbling block on determining if our meter has sufficient DNP Quality and alarming.  Here is the requirement.

The RIG/DPG shall be able to send CAISO a data quality indication. The RIG/DPG shall provide a DNP ONLINE / OFFLINE quality flag on a per point basis. CAISO will fail and re-establish the communication to the external device.

The use of DNP ONLINE / OFFLINE quality flag is required for all analog points. When communication is lost with any external device the analog data associated with that device should indicate an OFFLINE status. The use of the DNP ONLINE / OFFLINE quality flag shall be set from within the RIG/DPG.

For example:

If there are two serial communication ports ‘A’ and ‘B’ connected to the RIG/DPG device and port ‘A’ fails, those points associated with port ‘A’ alone have their DNP data quality flags set to OFFLINE internally to the RIG/DPG. While port ‘B’ data points DNP remain set to ONLINE.

If external points are connected to a network LAN device and the LAN fails to communicate only those points associated to that LAN port have their DNP quality flags set to OFFLINE

I am not sure if the ION8650’s DNP modules are already designed to do this or if it would require modification. Most of the data coming into the meter will be modbus data coming in on the Ethernet, the meter being a Modbus master to several slave devices. The data will then be exported out of the meter through DNP. If one of the slave devices looses communication there needs to be a quality flag for that group of DNP values showing it as bad quality or Offline. The rest of the values need to stay online. 

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Schneider Alumni (Retired)
Schneider Alumni (Retired)

Re: ION8650 DNP Data Quality / Alarming

Hi Matthew - Moving this to Hardware community so it will get noticed.

- Vince