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How to connect an ION module's input to a setup register using ION Setup

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Captain Captain

How to connect an ION module's input to a setup register using ION Setup

Certain ION modules will allow inputs to be connect to another module's setup register (ex. Nominal Voltage in the Sag/Swell module).  Most common application would be pulling a numeric setup register into one of the inputs of an Arithmetic module.


The procedure is as follows:


  1. Exit any table/dialog and at the network view, display the device properties (either via the Edit menu or right clicking on the device icon).
  2. Click on the Tools tab and switch the Device Setup to "Show Advanced ION Setup" then click on OK.  This should show all the ION module types if viewing the device setup type.
  3. Find the module type which contains the setup register and bring up all the modules, selecting the one you want to connect the input to.
  4. When the module dialog appears, hold down the <Ctrl> key and then click on the Setup register tab shown in the dialog.  This will show all the setup register but instead of showing the setup register value next to the labels, it will show the register address (shown in hexadecimal ex. 0x721A for the SS1 Nom Volts setup register).  Make note of the register address for later reference.
  5. Exit the dialog and find the module type which you wish to connect the input from and bring up the module you wish to connect from.  Hold down the <Ctrl> key and then click on the Edit button on the Input dialog to bring up the Input selection dialog.
  6. In the Parameter edit box, enter the hexadecimal address of the setup register you noted in step 4.  Press the Search button and the edit box should fill in with the name of the setup register if done properly.  Click OK to set the input to the setup register, then press Send to send the changes to the device.
  7. Switch the Device Setup back to "Show Basic ION Setup" doing the reverse of steps 1 and 2.




Only numeric variable setup registers can be linked (i.e. enumerated setup registers like PM1 Volts Mode won't work)

Pulse/Boolean type inputs can't be connected

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Commander Commander

Re: How to connect an ION module's input to a setup register using ION Setup


Not sure if this is your expertise or not, but wonder if you know how I can do the same thing in designer?

I know you can directly link the input to a ION register address by Ctrl+Alt+click the "ION" icon in the toolbar which corresponds to setup 5 in your post, but where to find the desired ION handle register address?


Captain Captain

Re: How to connect an ION module's input to a setup register using ION Setup

It's been a few years since I've tried this but I believe if you hold just Ctrl (or maybe its Alt or maybe Shift?) when you click on the ION icon on the toolbar in Designer, the dialog will list Setup registers instead of Output registers as you click on the modules.