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FYI we believe we found a bug with Remote Connect and DNP3 Event Deviation Absolute 100

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FYI we believe we found a bug with Remote Connect and DNP3 Event Deviation Absolute 100

Support has loaded our configuration on firmware 9.7.3 and using RemoteConnect 2.7.3 and observed the same behavior as we saw. They sent it up the chain for Engineering to investigate.


We have been using RemoteConnect 2.6.1 with some SCADAPack 474s and found that we were not getting value updates on some points. We eventually discovered when we put a Absolute 100 in a point's Event Deviation was always 0 on a read back.

Other values that we tried for the deviation read back correctly.


For our configuration the points are g30v2 16-bit AI with Flags Class 1

The points are derived from a program, not from physical inputs.

All out AI points are g30v2 so we did not check any other types.


So if you are using Event Deviation set to Absolute 100 you might and read back the configuration you will need to set it back to 100, or change it to 99 or 101 if that is appropriate.


I have edited this We originally thought it was writing down a 0 instead of a 100.

We however realized that most of our values do not quite changing by 100.

We have found a few locations working.

We then realized that most the changes of the values were actually not quite 100 at the other site.

So as long as we have not read back a config and then wrote it back down the deviation is actually at 100.