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Full scale or readings? about current and voltage accuracy of PM8000 and PM5000.

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Full scale or readings? about current and voltage accuracy of PM8000 and PM5000.


Our customer would like to evaluate PM8000 and PM5000 current and voltage accuracy (error) as their internal test.

              PM5100, 5300     PM5500          PM8240

Current       0.5%              0.15%              Class 0.2 as per IEC 61557-12

Voltage       0.5%              0.1  %              Class 0.2 as per IEC 61557-12

However we couldn't understand that these accuracy values (error) based "Full scale" or "readings" from its specification or its standards.

Could you please advise us whether we should use Full scale or readings?

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Commander Commander

Re: Full scale or readings? about current and voltage accuracy of PM8000 and PM5000.

The compliance to IEC61557-12 for a particular accuracy class indicates the performance level is garunteed under a very wide range of signal conditions and various operating conditions for that parameter.

For example, Class 0.2% will be better than +/-0.2% of reading under nominal and near nominal conditions. Some allowance for de-rating is specified in the standard under more extreme conditions.

Hope this helps,



ProductParameterOperating Range61557-12
PM5100 / 5300Voltage20 - 347VClass 0.5
PM5100 / 5300Current0.05 - 8.5AClass 0.5
ProductParameterOperating Range61557-12Typical accuracy (under nominal/ideal conditions)
PM800Voltage10 - 277VClass 0.20.075% rdg
PM800Current0.5 - 10AClass 0.50.075% rdg
ProductParameterOperating Range61557-12Typical accuracy (under nominal conditions)
PM5500Voltage20 - 347VClass 0.20.10% rdg
PM5500Current0.05 - 10AClass 0.20.15% rdg
ProductParameterOperating Range61557-12Typical accuracy (under nominal conditions)
PM8000Voltage10 - 347VClass 0.20.10% rdg
PM8000Current0.05 - 10AClass 0.20.10% rdg