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Communication between Sneider M241 PLC and Siemens LOGO PLC

Machine Automation Forum

A forum addressing machine automation solutions for the complete machine lifecycle. Including offers like Machine Advisor, Modicon PLC/PacDrive, Lexium or Preventa. Discuss and share knowledge on offers relating to cloud-based service platforms, machine localization and monitoring, industrial operations control, motion products as well as safety function!


Communication between Sneider M241 PLC and Siemens LOGO PLC

Hello Everyone


I'm a apprentice electrician working on my final apprenticeship test. Which is a project I had to make up myself in this case.


My project revolves around the M241 PLC for a machine that uses camera's and automation in spotting errors on products before they're put into the machine and after it comes out.


All that is pretty much in place, however my assigment also involes the siemens LOGO PLC to either keep and eye on or atleast look at the M241 and then control some lights depending on the status of the M241.


I know I can get the M241 to do that but in the case that the M241 is turned off the LOGO should know this and turn lights on/off accordingly.

My problem is then to have those 2 PLC's communicating. Either 1 way or both ways. My teachers only solution for this so far is to use a middle man, which involes a raspberry pi using homeassist and modbus protocol. However, I would like to cut out that middle man if possible and have them talk to eachother directly but I'm abit lost in how to go about it.

I would think that I could use modbus to do this. But unsure if its possible and how I would go about it? or if there is a easier solution?


Thanks very much in advance for taking the time to read my topic and helping out.


- Zutiar

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Commander Commander

Re: Communication between Sneider M241 PLC and Siemens LOGO PLC

You can talk to the "newer" Logo (FW8) directly via Modbus TCP. 

You can use the FB read_write_var to establish a Modbus TCP Connection.


The Logo publish all values on Modbus. 

You can find more information about that via google searche or in the follow document from Schneider Electric Proface



best regards


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