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Com'X 210/510 latest firmware release v6.0.4

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Com'X 210/510 latest firmware release v6.0.4

Com’X enables numerous opportunities to make electric distribution smart in the digital world.


Com’X strives each day to deliver the best to the digital energy management of the electrical distribution system.

With Each upcoming firmware release, Com’x steps up, scales up performance and adds value to the various applications it supports.


Today Com'X Supports 178 unique devices comprising Ethernet devices, Modbus serial devices, Zigbee devices, Analog and digital inputs. (Meters, breakers, gateways, 3rd party devices – through custom models)


With v6.0.4 firmware of Com’X, we bring to you a phenomenal list of performance improvements through new device support,  zigbee fixes, custom model fixes, device support fixes, system configuration fixes, monitoring page fixes, publishing fixes and offer an enhanced customer experience.


Link to Shopping Kiosk : 

Com’X 210: http://shoppingkiosk.schneider-electric.com/doc_info.aspx?DocRef=ComX_210_v6.0.4&isdvd=False&df=12&g...

Com’X 510: http://shoppingkiosk.schneider-electric.com/doc_info.aspx?DocRef=ComX_510_v6.0.4&isdvd=False&df=12&g...


This shall be available for download on SE Portal as well.

Shruthi Ramapathi
Offer Experience Manager - Control and Monitoring Devices
3 Replies 3
Lt. Commander Lt. Commander
Lt. Commander

Re: Com'X 210/510 latest firmware release v6.0.4

Possibly the most awaited firmware. Will be testing the firmware very soon.

Sisko Sisko

Re: Com'X 210/510 latest firmware release v6.0.4

Yes !


I can pair CL110 sensors directly now.


Thanks !


Romain POLETTE - Solution architect - France Operation
Intencity - Grenoble - France
Ensign Ensign

Re: Com'X 210/510 latest firmware release v6.0.4

Firmware is now available on se.com as well. Please update the message with the links

Com’X 210: https://www.schneider-electric.com/en/download/document/ComX_210_v6.0.4/

Com’X 510: https://www.schneider-electric.com/en/download/document/ComX_510_v6.0.4/

Thanks and Regards