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Event logs on DCE

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Event logs on DCE

This question was originally posted on DCIM Support by MUDASSIR ALI on 2018-10-24


Our customer is facing a issue of following event logs on DCE;

 Could you please have a look and guide us how to fix it.

 These logs are generating multiple times in a day; although the device is working fine.

 What is the reason of these logs.?



  1. 10/17/18 23:57:20.168 ERRR - Still unable to lock DataFile, /etc/nbc/nbvars, tried twice...(com.netbotz.storage.DataFile)
  2. 10/16/18 20:30:56.019 ERRR - Error handled: 400 Invalid REST event session(com.apc.isxc.common.integration.rest.RestExceptionResolver)
  3. 10/17/18 00:31:39.252 ERRR - Error handling event: null(com.apc.isxc.event.application.RestEventApplication)

java.util.ConcurrentModificationException at java.util.HashMap$HashIterator.nextNode(Unknown Source)
at java.util.HashMap$KeyIterator.next(Unknown Source)
at com.apc.isxc.event.application.RestEventApplication$RestEventProcessor.addAlertToSessions(RestEventApplication.java:659)
at com.apc.isxc.event.application.RestEventApplication$RestEventProcessor.processAlert(RestEventApplication.java:642)
at com.apc.isxc.event.application.RestEventApplication$RestEventProcessor.process(RestEventApplication.java:475)
at com.apc.isxc.event.application.RestEventApplication$RestEventProcessor.process(RestEventApplication.java:466)
at com.apc.isxc.util.worker.QueueWorker.run(QueueWorker.java:234)
at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)


4. 10/16/18 17:57:54.130 WARN - User [jQYU6Rgzc4] from IP address [] is not authorized to post to [/botpost/surveillance](com.netbotz.server.servlets.botpost.BotPostBasicProcessingFilterEntryPoint)


Mudassir Ali


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Re: Event logs on DCE

This answer was originally posted on DCIM Support by Steven Marchetti on 2018-10-24

Hi Mudassir,


If there are no issues in DCE, the customer should not be reading the logs. There are always events that look like errors but end up causing no issues. You'll notice one of the events mentions it tried twice to lock a data file. It tries multiple times specifically because it may not be able to do it the first time. Just like if the customer were editing a file on their local computer, you can't move it or delete it when it's open. Without knowing what is happening on the system at that exact moment, I wouldn't be able to tell you why it may be trying to lock that file or why it was unable to do so. If there is no issue on the server (failed backups, failed exports, etc) then I suggest not reading the logs.

For the rest event errors, a rest event is something that occurs on the system and is usually communicated to another system be it EcostruXure or DCO etc. The events however seem to have been handled. Again, if there is no issue with the system, no issue with an integration, no issue with the DCE client, then there is no reason to look at the logs and this message means little or nothing.

As for the NetBotz based message [] is not authorized to post to [/botpost/surveillance], are you having surveillance issues? Are you missing clips or images? If so what troubleshooting have you done? If not then again, looking at these logs, you will find events that may cause you concern but without an actual issue on the server you are searching for a non-existent issue.

We can not assist in troubleshooting an issue that does not exist and how would we know if our troubleshooting worked if there is no issue to start with? We couldn't tell if it got better or worse. I strongly suggest staying away from reading the event log if you have no issues.You'll be chasing non-existent issues forever as there are always messages that may look like they're causing an issue.




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