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Invalid Alarm for IEC 60870-5 104 Analog Input Point

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Invalid Alarm for IEC 60870-5 104 Analog Input Point



I'm currently configuring som Analog Input points using the IEC 60870-5 protocol. From the Alarm limits setup it's possible to set severity and description for the "Invalid" state, however no matter what I set I can't get the alarm to appear in the alarm banner.

Point quality is changing when I'm enabling the InValid flag in the 104 protocol simulator, but no alarm appears.


Simulator is FreyrSCADA-IEC-60870-5-104-Server and I'm running Geo SCADA Expert 2019 July 2020 Update

Any idea on what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Invalid Alarm for IEC 60870-5 104 Analog Input Point

I'm likely to be a bit in the dark on this, since I don't really use 60870-5-104 at all.


If you're confident that the 'outstation' is indeed generating an appropriate Invalid state indication for this analog input, then you could enable the IO logging, and get the log of the raw data coming in.

Then you could run that back through the drivers log translator.

If you run the driver executable and pass in /translate:{log file} on the command line then it will normally spit out some HTML files which are reasonably digestible [if it doesn't work first time, then I might have goof'd the syntax, and /? should help]


You'd ideally want to find some indication in that of the outstation sending in the Invalid state.  Based on that you could probably raise a support ticket with your local Tech Support.


It's possible that there is a bug in Geo SCADA, or it's possibly a miss-configuration.. or even just that this is the expected behaviour and Invalid states mean different than what we would normally expect (I believe this has been the situation for me recently with a DNP3 Analog Point... so it's possibly the same situation with the 60870-5 points)

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