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[Imported] Different CS versions converter tool

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[Imported] Different CS versions converter tool

>>Message imported from previous forum - Category:ClearSCADA Software<<
User: florian, originally posted: 2018-10-25 16:13:01 Id:236
This is a re-posting from the obsoleted (October 2018) "Schneider Electric Telemetry & SCADA" forum.


**_Hi everyone,_**

**_I want to know if there's some tool to convert a full database from a CS version to another CS version._**

**_We have in our department CS2015R2 but some of the projects we have are implemented over different versions of ClearScada. We already tried to copy the full database configuration but there's always a compatibility problem (most situations from an older version to a newer version)._**

**_Does anybody know if there's a tool like this or know any other way to convert the database files from one version of CS to another one?_**

**_Thanks for your help._**


The only issues you should have are folder name, file names, and if you have custom Fields in projects before the Metadata files were implemented, I think that was in the 2009 version. To preserve that you have to run at least a 2007 version and extract the data using SQL and then upgrade the project, add the applicable Metadata Field(s) and then import the data back in.

The Files Structure before 2009 R2 had the ClearSCADAConfig.dat (ClearSCADA.Dat before 2007) and ClearSCADAData.dat files in the root of the Database Folder. Starting with 2009 R2 there are two new folders in the Database folder, Data and Config. The files are now located in their respective folder.

Now the dat files are split into multiple files, like ClearSCADAConfig0000.dat and ClearSCADAConfig0001.dat, but when the server starts with a single file named ClearSCADAConfig.dat it will split and name them just fine.

I have done this multiple times in the past. If it is really old and named ClearSCADA.dat just rename it to ClearSCADAConfig.dat. I just took a 2005 version set of dat files and ran them on 2017R2. Only problem I see is that I had a custom label so all that was lost because of the Metadata Field change. I have a XP VM with a 2007 version on it that I could extract that information from the original database if I really needed to upgrade these files.

EDIT: Oh and I forgot I had to start the server twice before it ran the 2005 project.

EDIT 2: I went back and looked at the error. It had a config error and stopping the database and restarting it cleared it. The errors were
class "CLogicFBDDiagram" has unexpected object map class "CLogicFBD"
After the restart the FBDs are working. Probably ClearSCADA had to do two things to upgrade them that large a version jump. Officially you are not supposed to upgrade like to every major version until you get to the most current one.

Also anything using the PLC driver cannot be upgraded that far but you can go to a 2013 version and change those points to use be OPC and setup/purchase Kepserver to get your PLC data then continue ot upgrade ClearSCADA Versions.