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[Imported] Clearscada as OPC Server

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[Imported] Clearscada as OPC Server

>>Message imported from previous forum - Category:ClearSCADA Software<<
User: florian, originally posted: 2018-10-25 16:07:54 Id:234
This is a re-posting from the obsoleted (October 2018) "Schneider Electric Telemetry & SCADA" forum.



**_Is it possible to have clearscada act as an OPC server to a 3rd party client application and be able to send the 3rd party client histroical data? Is there extra licensing invloved with this. Is there a clearscada example for this? We are running 2013 r2.2_**



Yes, ClearSCADA acts as an OPC-DA, OPC-HDA, OPC-AE and OPC-XML-DA server as per https://tprojects.schneider-electric.com/telemetry/display/public/CS/Supported+Interface+and+Protoco..., sounds like you want to use OPC-HDA for the historical data.

You do need an extra licence on the server to allow OPC clients to connect though.

Details on how to connect are in the help (but basically install the ClearSCADA client components on your client, configure it up to see the ClearSCADA servers and then it will create a local OPC server on the client end that you can connect your client to and any requests will be proxied across to the ClearSCADA servers)


**_Great! thank you Woodland for the reply. Also i have another question, we have 2 servers Hot standby pair. therefore do i need 2 opc client liceneses or i should be able to get away with one, for example just keep the 3rd party application pointing to the server with the opc client license and in a situation when it is not main i can still pull DATA correct?_**


You can get away with just the licence on one of the server, as long as it is online (being it Main or Standby) you can query it for data via OPC.

If that one server is offline, or in a syncronising state, then you will not be able to connect to get OPC data.

Depends on your needs, you have hot-standby for a reason i.e. high availability requirements. If you also need that on your OPC connection then you should have the licence on both servers. If the requirements of the client isn't high availability data then you can get away with one. Performance might also play a part, if you have two servers in different locations it might not make sense to have the OPC client connecting to server across a WAN.


I am using a Test OPC Client but I am not seeing nay process data, only Server Status information. There is nothing under the root group. Can a permanent standby server act as a OPC Server?


It should work fine. If your Main server is licensed for OPC server then you can try your testclient on it and see what result you get.
Also you can try another OPC test client.
I know that the one that comes with KepServer works fine with my development server.


You may have configured your database requiring users to log in, this will means that OPC clients need to support private security to also access the data.

Check if your OPC client supports private security, and if so try entering a suitable username and password.

If your OPC client doesn't support private security then you may need to allow Guest access to your database.

To read a sepecific tag that you manually insert in your OPC client the guest account needs read access to the object, to browse the tags using the tree in your client they also need Browse permissions on the relevant grounds down from the root group.

This may not be helpful though, as most systems have guest access blocked on purpose.