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Changing embedded objects Text object number of characters or width.

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Lt. Commander

Changing embedded objects Text object number of characters or width.

The existing system has a simple alarm list using a separate text object and two checkbox embedded objects to the right for each row. I'd like to combine all three into one object so you don't have to link each checkbox dragging the correct tag and then currently they manually enter the tag on the text string as it is not an embedded object.


I'm guessing the main issue is the number of text characters inside the fixed width of the object. Once it's part of an embedded object there doesn't appear to be any way to make it wider when needed. You can make the embedded object wider but it doesn't affect the text object inside, other than scaling the object as a whole. You're stuck with it doing an auto text wrap when the text is too long. I have played with the font height expression but not wanting to use a monospaced font, it's hard to gauge how many characters will push it to be too long and modify the text size. It also doesn't look that great when random text strings in a list are different sizes.


There's also the minor issue of it being a little more difficult to add the text string in a parameter of the template versus just typing it in the text tab of the text properties.


Is there a way to change the text width/length of the text object after it’s part of an embedded object? It only has Pos animations no Size animations.

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Re: Changing embedded objects Text object number of characters or width.

The way to do this is to edit the Mimic that you're using as your embedded mimic.

The problem then becomes that the new larger mimic then becomes compressed everywhere that you have used it as an embedded mimic, so you pretty much have to go and drag/drop it back down again in all uses.


It's definitely one of the more painful parts of the GeoSCADA environment.  It definitely makes it important to try to get the sizing of embedded mimics right from the start, before you've used them in lots of places.

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