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Wait required to turn on PC after UPS is turned on?

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Schneider Electric support forum for our APC offers including Home Office UPS, Surge Protectors, UTS, software and services and associated products designed to share knowledge, installation, and configuration.

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Wait required to turn on PC after UPS is turned on?

This question was originally posted by Edward on APC forums on 6/17/2013

Model: APC Back-UPS RS 800VA 120V Black (BR800BLK)

Peripherals on UPS battery backup:

  • Desktop PC
  • powered speakers
  • 23-inch LCD monitor
  • External TV tuner

Power up sequence:

  • Turn on UPS
  • Wait for self-test to finish
  • Turn on desktop PC

Power off sequence:

  • Wait for desktop PC to finish shutting down
  • Turn off UPS

Note the UPS power switch is used to turn on and off all the peripherals except for the desktop PC.

Normally I wait for the UPS to finish its self test before attempting to turn on the desktop PC.

Once in a while I forget and don't wait. Sometimes when I do this the UPS will beep and

indicate that it has failed its self-test. A couple time this has caused the PC to crash (BSOD).

Am I supposed to wait until the UPS has finished with its self test before I power anything on?

Before anyone asks why I am turning the UPS on and off each day I should add that am already

aware of the discussions on this. I turn it on and off because I choose to do so. Also, I know that

APC suggests that I not use the UPS power switch to turn peripherals on and off. Again I do this

as a matter of convenience. This is especially so because I would have to crawl under my desk to

turn the speakers on and off.