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Control Expert Windows within windows

Modicon PAC Forum

This forum is for all Modicon users to share knowledge and best practices, submit and discuss ideas for product evolutions and innovation, ask questions and provide answers on the scope of Modicon PAC offers and ecosystem along the whole lifecycle: Modicon M580, Modicon M340, EcoStruxure Control Expert (Unity Pro), EcoStruxure Process Expert, integration with Aveva Software.

Lieutenant Lieutenant

Control Expert Windows within windows

Control Expert please remove small Windows within large windows


There is a need to remove nuisance windows within Control expert. 


For example with the configuration of the BMENOC0301 module there is a "Switch" tab which displays a large window but then places a smaller window for the configuration of the four ports of the BMENOC module i.e. Service port, control ports and backplane port.  The issue is that this window displays 3 items and you must scroll down for the fourth port which is often the most likely one you need to check or modify.


Please refer to the attached image.

Senior Technical Sales Consultant - PAC
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Re: Control Expert Windows within windows

I agree with the concept, but don't have a problem with the small window.  It should be made large enough to view everything within the space available though.