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QR Codes: Panel Builders

Metering & Power Quality

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Ensign Ensign

QR Codes: Panel Builders

Learn how QR-enabled power meters provide expanded capabilities and serve as a new link to your customers.

Daniel Brandao Neto

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YouTube: QR Codes: Panel Builders - YouTube

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Re: QR Codes: Panel Builders

I was just exposed to the QR coding on the PM5000. I was in the training classes in Laverne TN, Liked the concept.

As with all things timing is everything, got back to office and our server was being upgraded. Our power monitoring programmer was involved with the server upgrade. He had a Dell server with a QR code. He scanned it, got all the information on the server like what you are doing. He then showed me the  multiple tabs and they had a tab for Hardware, Software. Opened hardware tab and pdf links for hardware installation were there and when pressed the pdf opened.

We loved this option and would love to see this expanded to allow users to quickly access installation and support documents without having to find them in the SEC.

We like to copy successful ideas, I'm thinking  this is the case for Schneider and this useful QR code launch.

"Imitation is the ultimate form of flattery"

Ensign Ensign

Re: QR Codes: Panel Builders

Hi Paul,

Thanks for sharing the great idea! I'll pass it along to our QR code and tech pubs experts.


Daniel Brandao Neto Margaret Myers

Schneider Alumni (Retired)
Schneider Alumni (Retired)

Re: QR Codes: Panel Builders

Hello Paul,

We've been looking into this. Any chance you can send us the link to the Dell site or a couple screen caps. Would you be willing to meet with us to give us your wish list of what you would like to see & do from the QR code scan?

Thanks so much for this feedback.