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Manual_IM400_Installation and User Guide

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Manual_IM400_Installation and User Guide

> The Installation guide explains how to wire the device (it is the document that you get when you purchase the device).

Installation Guide in Chinese, English, Portuguese, Spanish,

IM400 - Instruction Leaflet (Edition 2016).pdf - Box

Installation Guide in French, German, Italian, Russian:

IM400_Instruction Leaflet_En-Zh-Po-Sp_S1B9007601.zip - Box


> The User Guide provides information on the product features, navigation in the menus, architectures... Download the document from the links below.


- English: https://schneider-electric.box.com/s/6kynvxkhkm9obm236pmk3gmvq5dkrup3

- French: IM400 Manuel Utilisation _ Fevrier 2017 _DOCA0049FR03.pdf - Box

- Spanish: https://schneider-electric.box.com/s/tgbbwtgr14b2ezqny8y1653a35cjni4q

- German:  https://schneider-electric.box.com/s/9t517mxmscuc67d3u1sn4odrl5629p5m

- Portuguese: https://schneider-electric.box.com/s/7fh2xqh37fee94jn6h6m92ge9vcyxafp

- Chinese: https://schneider-electric.box.com/s/uxa3ilgnc8y0bmbdihpakw5scvf2fm3l

- Italian: https://schneider-electric.box.com/s/z4af4czvzzxdhurq15wmknqxyya6izsn

- Russian: https://schneider-electric.box.com/s/7fh2xqh37fee94jn6h6m92ge9vcyxafp

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