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Ethernet/IP protocol on PM8ECC ?

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Lieutenant JG
Lieutenant JG

Ethernet/IP protocol on PM8ECC ?

Is it possible to use the PM8ECC module with a Rockwell Controllogix controller by using Ethernet/IP (Rockwell protocol) ?? If not are other meters available with this interface? Regards Jos

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Lieutenant JG Lieutenant JG
Lieutenant JG

Re: Ethernet/IP protocol on PM8ECC ?

I think our meters is not compatible with Rockwell Controllogix via Ethernet/IP Rockwell protocol. We need a gateway for this interface, below is an example:

ProSoft: Modbus TCP/IP Multi Client/Server Enhanced Network Interface Module for ControlLogix


The Modbus TCP/IP Multi Client/Server Enhanced Communications Module allows Rockwell Automation ControlLogix Programmable Automation Controllers (PACs) to interface easily with Modicon Programmable Automation Controller (PACs) , as well as multiple Modbus TCP/IP server-compatible instruments and devices. The multi-Client module improves performance when controlling multiple servers on a Modbus TCP/IP network, by supporting up to 30 Clients. It also supports up to 20 server connections (10MNET, 10 MBAP).

MVI56E enhancements include configuration and management through the module’s Ethernet port, and CIPconnect technology for bridging though ControlNet™ and EtherNet/IP™ networks.

Lieutenant | EcoXpert Master Lieutenant | EcoXpert Master
Lieutenant | EcoXpert Master

Re: Ethernet/IP protocol on PM8ECC ?

EtherNet/IP can be easily confused as a simple combination of Ethernet and the Internet Protocol. Instead, it is an industrial application layer protocol
used for communication between industrial control systems and their components,such as a programmable automation controller, programmable logic controller or an I/O system.

Rockwell gave EtherNet/IP its moniker and handed it over to ODVA, which now manages the protocol and assures multi-vendor system interoperability by requiring adherence to established standards whenever new products that utilize the
protocol are developed today.

There is no TVD for PM8ECC module with a Rockwell Controllogix controller by using Ethernet/IP