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Physical limitation of Automation server

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This forum is addressing industrial automation design & engineering, operations, asset performance, cyber security and digital transformation for Plants & Machines.


Physical limitation of Automation server

The purpose of my email is to inquire about some information I face in our ongoing project recently. I have a project where I have 180 Automation servers and We already purchased an Enterprise server with 250 AS/P Licenses. However, some document about the architecture (attached file page 5)shows that the limitation of Digital and Analogue input-output is the same for Enterprise server and As/P! From these documents, I understand that the physical limitation shows for Enterprise server are only applied if we connect it to 3rd party DIO AIO and because it supports 23 million objects then there would be no problem to use one enterprise server to control 180 Automation servers. Please let me know if I am correct? Also if there would be some documents that explain it in more detail please provide them to me to understand it much better.

Thank you in advance and I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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Sisko Sisko

Re: Physical limitation of Automation server



No document  was attached. I assume you meant the Architectural Guidelines 


You are limited by each of the limits for each type of server as well as footnotes under each topic.


250 AS-P's per ES


Total objects  ES - 23.855,000   AS - 452,000


You are limited by the BACnet object count by type listed on on page 5 per server


Enterprise Server load testing for BACnet/IP SmartX IP Controller devices was done in a virtual machine environment running Windows Server 2012 with 2.8 GHz dual-socket quad-core CPUs (8 virtual processors), 32 GB RAM, and a 1 terabyte 10,000 rpm hard drive.



you should be able to host 180 AS-P's under a well resourced ES as long as you don't exceed the limits. Pushing multiple limits at same time may affect overall performance.


I personally like to use the 75- 80% rule to prevent any performance issues. 


Without know what type of devices, protocols, objects, etc. it is difficult to provide 100% assurance you won't have any issues.


You may want to open a Product Support ticket through your local channel  and run you configuration by them as a sanity check.



Best of Luck,


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Re: Physical limitation of Automation server

Thank you, 🙏

Would you please let me know how the automation server transmit packet of date to entreprise server? Is it tcp/ip and only the objects are count? Or is it bacnet over ip?


sincerely yours,

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