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EcoStruxure Triconex Safety Systems and Services

Industry Automation and Control Forum

This forum is addressing industrial automation design & engineering, operations, asset performance, cyber security and digital transformation for Plants & Machines.

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EcoStruxure Triconex Safety Systems and Services

The leading Safety supplier in the market


Schneider Electric (SE) Safety solutions and services are renowned throughout high hazardous industries such as petrochemicals, oil and gas, refining, power gen and even nuclear for delivering the most reliable safety systems to the market.


Our range of TÜV certified hardware and software products meet the most demanding and rigorous of challenges. Not only our products are certified, but our experts are TÜV certified functional safety engineers and many are functional safety experts as well. SE has the capability and expertise to conduct a thorough Safety Assessment and FEED prior to project execution.  


Safety System

Triconex is the world’s leading supplier of Safety Instrumented Systems for high hazardous industry. In terms of revenue Triconex is the number one safety systems and services in the world (source ARC process safety report).


End Users voted Triconex as #1 as they value the lifecycle benefits / advantages Triconex delivers (Source control global 2019 reader’s choice awards).             


triconex safety.png


The TÜV-certified Triconex SIL3 system delivers the highest levels of safe operation and maximum plant availability throughout the operating life of the plant. Triconex safety systems have a Triple modular redundant (TMR) design that employs three isolated, parallel control systems and extensive diagnostics integrated into one system. The TMR I/O card provides unparalleled triple physical redundancy.

The system uses the high availability 2oo3D (two out of three diagnostic architecture) to provide high-integrity, error-free, uninterrupted process operation with no single point of failure.

With over 30 years of continuous safe operation, EcoStruxure Triconex Safety Systems have delivered more than one billion safe operating hours.



triconex safety systems.PNG


A key feature of all Triconex systems (classic Tricon, Trident, Tri-GP and Tricon CX) is the inclusion of a hot spare slot for continuous operation. Each I/O slot contains an active I/O slot and a hot spare I/O slot allowing for online replacement of degraded  modules. As well as being SAFE by design, the Tricon systems are also SECURE against cyber threats. Triconex was the first system globally to be certified for both safety and security.


Triconex safety systems have the ability to use the same platform for multiple applications requiring less hardware, less design effort, reduced capital and operational cost, delivering faster start-up and future-proofing your investment. One system can be used for Emergency Shutdown, Fire and Gas Detection, High Integrity Pressure Protection, Boiler Protection, Burner Management, Flare and Turbine control and protection.


Tricon CX is the newest SIS controller, leveraging the Triconex pedigree, and the best of Tricon and Trident safety, availability and security. It is 50% smaller and 67% lighter than classic Triconex, thus, footprint is significantly reduced compare to classic Tricon results in less cabinets. Tricon CX is quick and easy to install; only 3 components, Chassis, Modules and Connectors are required to make a system. Faster scan time processing and 5 times increase in peer to peer performance result in significantly higher performance system. The high performance 1GB I/O bus delivers outstanding ‘end to end’ performance –from input to controller to output. New technology such as HART pass-thru which is relevant as new project(s) will apply HART protocol topology. ISASecure EDSA (Embedded Device Secure Access) level 1 certification to protect against cyber‐attacks. Last but not the least, the flexible system architecture of Tricon CX allowing a mix and match solution. Means we can connect classic Triconex system to Tricon CX.


The Triconex systems are TÜV safety and security certified products (IEC61508) and we have TÜV certified procedures and delivery centers (IEC61511).


Safety Services

Schneider Electric has extensive experience & expertise in providing complete Functional Safety Lifecycle and design consulting services (including HAZOP, cHAZOP, HAZID, LOPA, SIL Assignment, SIF design, SIL Verification, Safety Requirement Specification etc.).


With regard to functional safety design activities, our experts use a variety of different design tool and processes, as defined by the client. aeShield software is one of the “TOOLS” commonly used by SE. However, SE can work with any other of the similar tools in the market like PHA Pro, ExSilentia, Fault Tree Plus, Mangan and the many others. It is important to understand that it is the expert knowledge and experience of the consultant conducting the work that determines the value of the deliverables produced – and our 20+ years of experience delivering design consulting projects attests to our skill and expertise in this regard – regardless of the software tools used to implement the work.


In addition, we offer services and tools for the realization phase of the lifecycle – using our TUV certified Triconex Safety Validation service and solutions for the operate & maintain phase of the lifecycle with our Process Safety Advisor suite of solutions. No matter the phase of the safety lifecycle, SE has the expert knowledge and local resources to cover all of our customer’s needs.

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Re: EcoStruxure Triconex Safety Systems and Services

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