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Some of the DCO Insight data sets are not available

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Some of the DCO Insight data sets are not available

This question was originally posted on DCIM Support by Akihiro Yamagami on 2018-10-30


Because of some issues to update the contents, I will re-post this topic as new one.



I have a question about the "Data Sets" provided by DCO Insight.

DCO provides the varieties of Data Sets to generate report uisng the data on DCO.
It makes users to quickly access the data on DCO  by just Drag & Drop the items and it's quite useful.



But, when I tried to use these predefined "Data Sets", I found that there are 2 types of "Data Sets".

a) "Data Sets" which is available just by Drag&Drop the Data Sets on DCO Insight GUI.

- Rooms
- Pdus
- RackMountEquipment
- NetworkGearRackMountEquipmentDataSet
- Tag
- Custom Properties
- Eternal Items, etc

MISSING ATTACHMENT: DataSet_available_by_justD&D.rptdesign (sample report)

b) Data Sets" which can "not" see the table contents just by Drag&Drop on DCO Insight GUI.

- InventoryDataSet
- RackMountPDUs
- Upss
- Blades
- Racks
- Servers, etc._D&D.rptdesign".

I could not see the table contents on this report. Of course, on my DCO server, several item of those data sets are are exist.

MISSING ATTACHMENT: DataSet_unavailable_by_D&D.rptdesign (sample report)



What's the difference between the above data sets? Is it the behavior as designed?

If it's designed behavior,  is there any available information how to use the contents of Data Sets categorized to "b)"?

I know that "InventoryDataSet" are used in Inventory report.
But, I'm not sure what is actually required to use those data sets.







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