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New DCIM solution- requirement of DCO along with DCE

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A support forum for Data Center Operation, Data Center Expert, and EcoStruxure IT product users to share knowledge on installation, configuration, and general product use.


New DCIM solution- requirement of DCO along with DCE



we are procuring new DCIM solution from SE. But we got some information that only DCE is the important part, for which server hardware is included. For DCO no server hardware is included as it is a not-so-important part for monitoring and control the datacenter infra. 


My doubt is, how important is DCO ? Is't a necessary component for DCIM? whether DCE alone is sufficient to manage the complete datacenter infra? I have a datacenter with 25 racks and associated UPS, Cooling, etc.


some quick info is highly appreciated.. 



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Commander Commander

Re: New DCIM solution- requirement of DCO along with DCE

Hi @unniak ,


DCE comes either as a hardware server or as a VM. DCO is an operating system / software that does not have a hardware option.

They both do totally different things.


DCE monitors devices and can alert based on various device alarms or thresholds.

DCO / ITA does not monitor the devices but can be made to communicate with DCE. It can be used to plan your data center, 


There is a lot that both systems can do and you can find a lot of info for them both here:






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Commander Commander

Re: New DCIM solution- requirement of DCO along with DCE

Hello @unniak


Adding to Steve's response.


As Steve already mentioned, DCO (referred to as IT Advisor now) does not monitor data center devices or provide control features. 


DCO is meant for customers who want to create a physical design of the data center space, manage its floor and rack inventory and if licensed add capacity and work-order like capabilities. On the capacity side items like do I have enough floor space for new devices, enough rack U space to add more equipment to my racks, do I have enough remaining power capacity on my power equipment (rackpdus, pdu's, rpps) to add more devices as well as cooling capacity info including a built-in CFD/airflow tool.





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