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NetBotz 150 attached to 200 Sensor Errors

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A support forum for Data Center Operation, Data Center Expert, and EcoStruxure IT product users to share knowledge on installation, configuration, and general product use.


NetBotz 150 attached to 200 Sensor Errors

This question was originally posted on DCIM Support by Patrick Hofstetter on 2016-07-19

Hello All


We have a Customer who has the Following installation:


Netbotz 200 and connected to this extensions with Sensor Pods 150

On the Sensor Pods 150 he has connected some T and TH Sensors.

These Sensors sometimes return zero values like at the below Diagram


Has someone any idea what could cause this issue

We told the Customer to check the following Points:

Could you please check if there is a Power Supply connected at the NetBotz Sensor Pod 150 where you have such issues? If not there is may be the Problem of Voltage to low because of to many sensors connected to the same Bus. (NetBotz 200 --> Sensor Pod 150)

Could you please send me the Serial numbers of the NetBotz 200 which you have installed? You can export them from the Data Center Expert Server using Inventory Report. We had earlier a Model where we where Facing such issues because of a problem with the Power Supply at the NetBotz 200 according our Engineering. If you send me the Serial numbers I can ask them to check this.

Could you please tell me which Firmware Version currently is installed on the NetBotz 200? This is also possible to check at the Data Center Expert Server in Monitoring View there is a column named Application Version. Newest Version is 3.7.6 and is available for Download here:

Could you please send us the Version of Data Center Expert you are using. If you click on Help at the Client you will find About SturxureWare Data Center Expert. Or at the header of the Client there is the Version mentioned as well after StruxureWare Data Center Expert.


Is it Possible to suppress the zero vaules on DCE somehow?


Best Regards



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Re: NetBotz 150 attached to 200 Sensor Errors

This answer was originally posted on DCIM Support by Steven Marchetti on 2016-07-19

Hi Patrick,


It is not possible to suppress values. You can export the data and have a tool like Excel find and delete 0 values for you and graph it there but it's not an option in DCE, sorry.


I would suggest looking to see what it's coming from. You've got some good steps above but I would suggest looking at a little more. Take a look at the data log on the device. Is the device itself reporting these 0 values? If so, we know it's a device issue. Another way to look for this would be to set up an SNMP poll of the sensors doing it most often. Does an independent scan of the sensor record 0 values as well? Are they all the same type of sensor? What sensor are they? If both temp and humidity, does the humidity do the same thing?


Is this all coming from the same device or multiple devices? Are all the sensors reporting this 0 value (there do seem to be a few) connected to the same sensor pod? If you swap around sensors that are doing this with sensors that are not, does the issue follow the port or sensor? Are any of the sensors using extension cables? What are the distances for the sensors and pods?







Re: NetBotz 150 attached to 200 Sensor Errors

This comment was originally posted on DCIM Support by Patrick Hofstetter on 2016-07-27

Hello Steven

Thanks very much for your Feedback according this.

Some of your additional Question we discussed with the customer already earlier like:

This Error is not a Server related problem because the Error Values are coming from the Netbotz

Alert Title: Temperature - DTC2_D12_4_TH - value rising too quickly - 20.0 ° C
Alert Description: The value of 'Temperature - DTC2_D12_4_TH' (20.0 ° C) is rising too quickly.
Alert Type: Value Rising Too Quickly
Severity: Error
Alert Level: EXPERT Threshold alert
Sensor: Temperature - DTC2_D12_4_TH
Sensor Value: 20.0 ° C
Device: DTC2APC01(
Time Detected: 07/22/16 00:54:31
Notification Time: 07/22/16 00:54:31
Notification Policy: GHE mail
Action Name: EXPERT Threshold alert
Location: DTC2_N09
Primary Contact: GLO-GIS-L3-Physical site mgt
Notes: APC Web/SNMP Management Card (MB:v4.0.6 PF:v3.7.5 PN:apc_hw03_aos_375.bin AF1:v3.7.5 AN1:apc_hw03_nb200_375.bin MN:NBRK0200 HR:05 SN: ZA1509001936 MD:02/24/2015)
Alert ID: nbErrorCond_1B0C5095



The Customer has switched over all his components and unfortunately the Error is not Consistent. There is not a Port where we can locate the error or a failing sensor.

The extensions are all in about 10 Meters Range

There are T and TH Sensors connected and both of them sometimes Fail. 


Answers to my Questions above from Customer site:

1st yes our both POD 150 are powered by a power supply

2nd ZA1509001961 & ZA1509001936

3rd V3.7.5 (the web site you mentioned show only v3.7.5 and v3.5.6, so the 3.7.5 seems to be the last)

4th Client Build: / Server Build: / Serial Number: WV1505TGKK41



Do you suggest to try different Hardware?









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