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Data Center Expert - Updating APC/NetBotz Device Firmware

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A support forum for Data Center Operation, Data Center Expert, and EcoStruxure IT product users to share knowledge on installation, configuration, and general product use.


Data Center Expert - Updating APC/NetBotz Device Firmware

This question was originally posted on DCIM Support by Cory McDonald on 2016-09-21

1) Open the StruxureWare Data Center Expert Client.

2) Updates Menu > Apply Firmware Updates.

3) Select Check Updates in the lower left hand corner.  The server will attempt to reach updates.apc.com using HTTP & FTP to pull in updates.  If the server is unable to pull in updates, please reference FA293307.

If the server is located on an isolated network or due to security reasons will not be able to reach updates.apc.com, you can manually pull in the firmware catalog file for use without a connection to the internet.  Please reference knowledge base FA226042 for this process.

Once the firmware catalog is obtained, you will have the option to access the catalog at any time for upgrades, even if you are not connected online. This is useful if the server is located on an isolated network or due to security reasons will not be able to reach updates.apc.com

4) When the updates are pulled in, either with the check updates option or manually, the available firmware updates will show on the screen.  You can expand down each option to see the devices that are listed under each category.

5) Select the devices that you wish to upgrade.  You can select individual devices and/or specific devices from the list.

6) Ensure that the device file transfer settings are correct for this device using the option found at the bottom of the screen.  Within the Device File Transfer Settings, there needs to be a line item that applies to the device with the correct username/password and protocol so that the server can transfer the upgrades files over to the device.

7) Select Apply Updates and a Firmware Update Status pane should come up within the DCE client.  There should be a line item in the list for each device that you selected within the Apply Firmware Updates screen.

😎 Within the status column it will display what step it is current at in the transfer and if it has completed/failed.


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