Available  Firmware updates through Eco Struxure IT Management

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Available  Firmware updates through Eco Struxure IT Management

SUMX v696, AOS v696 shows 3 devices out of date => Version APP sumx v6.8.0, AOS v6.8.2, 

RPDU2G v696, AOS v696 shows 4 devices out of date => APP rpdu2g v6.8.0, AOS v6.8.2


Question: If I choose to do the updates all of devices is it going to impact the connected load or is it going to trigger alarms due to power loss or restart? Or is it simply will restart the NIC card and not the UPS it self?


Sorry if someone all ready ask this question I am very green on the UPS department.


Thank you in advance 

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Lt. Commander

Hi @Rodocola,


Have a look at this article in the EcoStruxure IT help center. It states: