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[Imported] ODBC driver for ClearSCADA failed frequently

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[Imported] ODBC driver for ClearSCADA failed frequently

>>Message imported from previous forum - Category:ClearSCADA Software<<
User: florian, originally posted: 2018-10-24 22:00:20 Id:209
This is a re-posting from the obsoleted (October 2018) "Schneider Electric Telemetry & SCADA" forum.


**_System description:_**

**_We have a redundant ClearSCADA servers with 2 permanent standby, with 11 ODBC connections with 40 Queries and around 200 Variables in the pilot phase and its expected the full system will be around 200K._**

**_Issue description:_**

**_I noticed that ODBC driver failed frequently( almost every 2 Mins) on the connection and I am getting the alarm_** on "Connection1_**
**_Driver Failed" for all connections in the alarm page, after more investigation for the log file for the driver I found that the driver stopped unexpectedly and it is Restarting. As the following;_**


**_26-FEB-2018 12:19:59.749 098C [SVRTHR] 28 Connection 3 failed with error 10053_**

**_26-FEB-2018 12:19:59.749 08B8 [SVRADVISE] 1:00 Network link failed, reason 'Connection 0 failed with error 10053'_**

**_26-FEB-2018 12:19:59.749 08B8 [SVRADVISE] 1:00 Closing Socket 0x2fcc_**

**_26-FEB-2018 12:19:59.749 08B8 [SVRADVISE] 1:00 Connection will be retried on Advise Thread Timeout, Backoff count is now 1_**

**_26-FEB-2018 12:19:59.750 098C [SVRADVISE] 1:00 RemoveLink-1: Events 0, Links 1_**

**_26-FEB-2018 12:19:59.750 098C [SVRADVISE] 1:00 RemoveLink-2: Events 0, Links 0, State Closing_**

**_26-FEB-2018 12:19:59.750 098C [SCXDriver] 28:03 QP Deleted_**

**_26-FEB-2018 12:19:59.752 062C [DRV] Odbc Driver stopped unexpectedly. Restarting_**

**_26-FEB-2018 12:19:59.752 062C [DRV] Odbc State 3 (Running), Event 3 (Stopped), Next State 1 (Stopped)_**

**_26-FEB-2018 12:19:59.752 062C [DRV] Odbc Action 7 (Check Stop State)_**

**_26-FEB-2018 12:19:59.752 062C [DRV] Odbc Stopped, Uptime 146.002518 seconds, Failure Count 53, Exit Code C0000094_**

**_26-FEB-2018 12:19:59.752 062C [DRV] Odbc State 1 (Stopped), Event 0 (Start), Next State 2 (Starting)_**

**_26-FEB-2018 12:19:59.752 062C [DRV] Odbc Action 0 (Set Timeout)_**

**_26-FEB-2018 12:19:59.752 062C [DRV] Odbc Starting. Process has 30 seconds._**

**_26-FEB-2018 12:19:59.752 062C [DRV] Odbc Action 4 (Run process)_**

**_26-FEB-2018 12:19:59.752 062C [DRV] Odbc Starting C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Schneider Electric\\ClearSCADA\\DriverOdbc.exe_**

**_26-FEB-2018 12:19:59.752 062C [DRV] Odbc Started, Pid = 3640_**

**_And the driver error count increases as per this screenshot and the driver log in this link_**

![]((see attachments below) pc/q50sla3f4va3.png "")



I suggest you contact tech support with this query. They may want to see snapshot files and server logs. (Do not post here as they contain your private data).




Attached file: (editor/pc/q50sla3f4va3.png), errodbc.png File size: 112889

Attached file: (editor/2e/b5u2occmf8qv.log), DB_003.log File size: 21376892