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[Imported] Logic Input refreshing-time

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[Imported] Logic Input refreshing-time

>>Message imported from previous forum - Category:Scripts and Tips<<
User: mchartrand, originally posted: 2018-10-19 19:56:58 Id:162
This is a re-posting from the obsoleted (October 2018) "Schneider Electric Telemetry & SCADA" forum.


hi all,
i am using a FBD logic to recalculate an input. I have an Input set as reference to a datapoint and serveral outputs as internal datapoints in this logic. The calculation itself is triggered by changes of the input. The calculation is very fast and works fine.
My problem is, that the input in the logic (i can see the change if i monitor live the variables) which depends of a change of a datapoint needs to update a time of about 5 seconds. The datapoint is changing immediately aber getting the signal via 104 connection.
Is this i matter i can not change, or is there something i can do to speed-up the input-refreshing?_**


Hi Felix. If I'm understanding you correctly; you have the logic Execution Method set to 'On Input Processed', but it only seems to be updating every 5 seconds, even though the input point is changing faster than that. If I've got that wrong you can try replying in German.


I just tested it myself with an input point which changes every second and it seems to work. There are two things that I would check:

-That the execution is set to 'On Input Processed', and you haven't just ticked 'Input Change Detection'.

-That the Update Interval when watching the variables is set to 1 second, not 5 seconds.


Thanks for your support!
execution is set to 'On Input Processed' and the update intervall is also set to the lowest value (1 Second).
I tested also to override a value and monitor it on a mimic (drag and drop and show Value) and parallel monitor it in the variables window of FBD editor. It takes much longer to get the change of the value in the FBD variables than in the mimic. It takes around 5 secons more, not everytime, but in 80% of cases.
The logic itself is working very fast, it seems to be just a matter of inputs..._**


If the Execuation method is set to 'On Input Processed', then the Interval should be greyed out and not able to be editted. Is this what it shows for you?

Attached is a screenshot of the configuration that I was using.

![]((see attachments below) qa/c8plxcpwd7i3.jpg "")


i have exactly the same configured, but still an updatetime in the logic of several seconds..._**


Is the scan group of the input variable 5 seconds or less? Does the input variable have a confidence poll group? Is there a "No Change" setup to absolute or % of span, etc? All things that would affect how often the input is polled by CS, and how often the point value is updated and stored in the CS database.


When you are viewing logic in debug it will execute periodically, even if set to on-input processed. I'll need to test when I get a chance but I think it is a 10-second interval.

That may explain the behaviour you're seeing with the slow update of the variables shown.


After the update to new Hotfix of ClearSCADA it works fine. the logic takes just 1-2 seconds to refresh the variables. I can not reproduce the issue. Thanks for help!_**

Attached file: (editor/qa/c8plxcpwd7i3.jpg), FBD Properties.jpg File size: 126785