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ClearSCADA shutting down automatically!

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ClearSCADA shutting down automatically!

Hi, we have ClearSCADA 2014 R1.


i am having an error as server fails.


The database configuration file 'C:\ProgramData\Schneider Electric\ClearSCADA\Database\Config\ClearSCADAConfig0014.dat' does not match the structure file. All database files must be from a matched set.


Can any one explain me what could be the problem..!

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Re: ClearSCADA shutting down automatically!

Sounds like you might need to contact ClearSCADA support.

My guess as to what went wrong is there was a corruption when it was saving the configuration files so they don't match what ClearSCADA is expecting. You may have a hardware problem that caused a corruption. I'd run a CHKDSK /f. This sounds familiar, I think this happened to me once, but it was on a development system and a project that I was not currently developing.


I make database backups every time I finish making configuration changes by making copies of everything in the database folder, except the Journal and Historic folders. This way I'll nave lose much work. I do this and not an export because then my object IDs don't get messed up, and exports don't handle things being deleted/renamed.


So what I did after my CHKDSK was shutdown ClearSCADA and restore from my latest backup.


If you have such a backup you can copy the Config folder from it back in. You can copy everything you backed up back in, but keep in mind The Data folder holds the most recent values so they will be whatever they were when you backed up.


I would rename each existing folder you are going to be replacing and then copy in the backup version. This keeps the problem files in case you need to reference or want to try going back to them. If you backed up the Journal and History folders I would not restore those at this point. They should be fine and restoring those will make you lose anything that happened since the backup. The Metadata file is probably fine, but I would probably rename it and copy in the backup of that also.


If the restore worked then I would at least move the old bad ones out of the Database folder, but I would probably just delete them.


Good luck.

Commander Commander

Re: ClearSCADA shutting down automatically!

Whilst file system corruption is probably more likely in this case, also check anti virus exclusions are set up correctly and if the time matches certain behaviours like backups being taken.


Re: ClearSCADA shutting down automatically!

As this others have mentioned... this might be due to disk corruption, or file corruption, such as the use of anti-virus or disk defragmentation whilst the ClearSCADA/GeoSCADA service is in use.


The other 'obvious' possibility is that you (or someone else associated with the database) has tried to work around the built in database system, and is manually copying files from other 'versions' of the database to try to get something to happen.

ClearSCADA / GeoSCADA depends on the right files having the right content, and trying to work around that leads to these possible situations... 


You could try to just move this particular file off elsewhere (especially if the datetime stamps on it make it look 'foreign')..

Comparing the current database state to the latest database backup is probably advisable.. you may just need to 'roll back' to your latest good database backup.

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