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vcenter 7, PCNS 4.4.2 shutting down vcenter then cancelling hoist shutdown

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vcenter 7, PCNS 4.4.2 shutting down vcenter then cancelling hoist shutdown


I am having an issue where the PCNS correctly shuts down all of the VM's in the correct order, then gets to the final stage where it then shuts down the vcenter, causing the maintenance mode to get cancelled and the host shutdown to stop.

my vcenter is in the high priority section of vm prioritisation.


sequence of events form log file:-

shutting down hosts on .....

after quite a while i get shutting down vm vcenter_7.0

maintance mode task cancelled as vcsa vm is shutting down

cannont connect to vcenter so may not eb able to issue commands to vm's or hosts.

shutdown host unsuccsesful for host....


any ideas would be helpful as i am a little stuck?





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Re: vcenter 7, PCNS 4.4.2 shutting down vcenter then cancelling hoist shutdown



Without seeing the EventLog.txt file, error.log. and debug.log, I cannot be sure, but my guess is credentials. Once vCenter has been powered off, PowerChute must connect directly to the ESXi host. The shutdown will fail if the credentials used to connect to vCenter do not exist on the ESXi host. 


To create the proper credentials, see the PowerChute VMware User's Guide starting on page 59



For assistance with creating a local user on both vCenter and an ESXi host see Schneider Electric FAQ FA413356 

How to create a local user account that PowerChute will use to communicate with VMware ESXi hosts and vCenter Server Appliance


Another cause is DNS offline. If you have added the ESXi host to PCNS using the domain name, DNS is offline PCNS will not be able to connect. 


To correct that issue, you must add the ESXi host IP address and domain name to /etc/hosts file. 

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