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Community Developed Smart Connector Library

SmartConnector Forum

Discussion of SmartConnector applications for integration of various other building management systems (BMS) into EcoStruxure Building Operation

Schneider Alumni (Retired)
Schneider Alumni (Retired)

Community Developed Smart Connector Library

Hi All!

I have an exciting announcement today! While talking with some other Smart Connector developers we noticed how there were many common classes being developed for a lot different Smart Connector extensions. While in some cases, it makes sense to add these classes to the core Smart Connector code base, other times, this may not make sense or it may not be something that can be quickly added. That said, we have decided to immediately roll out a community developed Smart Connector library called SmartConnector.Utilities!

The SmartConnector.Utilities library contains helper classes that you can use in your own Smart Connector extensions to make developing a Smart Connector extension even easier!

The best part about this library is that it is available as a NuGet package for anyone to use! It is distributed as part of the same MyGet feed that you are used to today and will show up along side the standard Smart Connector libraries.  It is added to your Smart Connector project the same way as the other libraries, the only difference is that you will need to copy SmartConnector.Utilities.dll as well as your extension assembly when deploying your Smart Connector extension.

You said it is Community Developed, how do I contribute?

The code repository is public and can be found here! Overview

While you can view and clone the repository without any permissions. If you would like to contribute to this library please send me your email address, and I will add you as a contributor. Contributions will be done by creating your own branch, and creating a pull request into the Master branch when you are ready for review. Once a pull request has been reviewed and merged, a build will automatically be kicked off, and a new version of the NuGet package will be released when it is complete!

We are extremely excited to see what kind of stuff we can come up with as a community!

Best Regards,


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Lt. Commander Lt. Commander
Lt. Commander

Re: Community Developed Smart Connector Library

Thanks for opening this up to the community Jeff   looking forward to submitting my first PR, hopefully by the end of the week. I plan on adding a few methods to help with the server management like support for cleaning up expired notifications and managing some bulk server operations like marking value items offline if your client to 3rd party interface is down etc.