New version of EcoStruxure Process Expert (v2021) is now available

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New version of EcoStruxure Process Expert (v2021) is now available

  • EcoStruxure Process Expert 2021 brings new features and functionalities enhancing the engineering lifecycle experience for the users, performance gains and extensibility in the system architecture.

    Key Values and Features delivered with this release are as below:


    Simplified Engineering and Performance gain


    - Simplified workflow has been introduced for implementing small changes in an existing system for the engineering workflow in Operation & maintenance

    - Enhanced capabilities and workflow for the Global Template Editor (GTE) by adapting faster to customer / user standards by reducing the efforts to modify the templates

    - Wizard to easily build Custom Templates using a simple and guided approach to develop simple templates (excluding constituents) within the Global Templates editor

    - Enhanced P2P Communication with a new User Interface and benefit of using new CFBs


    Engineering Extensions and Improved Productivity


    - System documentation functionality lets you easily create and save a report that contains engineering information of a given system. It gives you the flexibility to select the domains (such as, topology, Control and/or Supervision projects) to include in the report

    - Launch System Server as Service of Windows and the server console now is visible as a system tray icon – Making the launch simple for the user

    - Multi Instance of Controller Simulator to test program logics with multiple simulators before using a real controller and also reduce engineering and commissioning time by using simulators

    - Bulk Create Hardware Device Instances in Topology Manager by Export / Import Hardware Devices using CSV file


    Architecture Flexibility


    - Support of Windows Server 2019 OS

    - Support of Thin Clients utilizing Windows RDP capabilities for Engineering and Operations

    - Support of Access Anywhere for using Thin Clients for Operations on HTML5

    - Support of M580 Safety L6 Standalone Controller (BMEP586040S)

    - Removal of the Internal Virtual Machine for hosting Participants (Control Expert, Plant SCADA)

    The General Purpose Library is available in both the Situational Awareness based (SAL) and Classical variants as a part of this release.


    Explore the offer on exchange : 


    You can download the same from


    If you need any further details, please feel free to contact Bhavin Budhdev or Uday Shah

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