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EVLink, LMS and Power Setpoint

Metering & Power Quality

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EVLink, LMS and Power Setpoint

The LMS for EVLink can be configured for a static or dynamic current setpoint. 


A site has power generation and is trying to keep maximum demand down. They requested that chargers would only operate when net power was exporting... Will a current setpoint be suitable for charger control in this situation with a LMS system .. i.e. say when RMS current is -180 degrees, 10A) ?


Otherwise, could the LMS for EVLink smart chargers be configured to be based on a negative kW setpoint?


Apologies in advance if this is the wrong forum. I'm unsure if an EVLink forum exists but would be happy to be redirected there.

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Sisko Sisko

Re: EVLink, LMS and Power Setpoint

Hello @swil , 

EVlink Charging Station integrate iEM3x5x to monitor the load consumption. So you are in the right forum for any question about these meter range.


But your question is concerning EVLink system itself and there is no dedicated forum in the Exchange Community. We cannot help for question regarding the EVLink CS commissioning.


You can check this thread : https://community.exchange.se.com/t5/EcoStruxure-Power-Monitoring/EVlink-in-PME/m-p/179163

You can also check the Modbus guide for EVlink to check if there is any register that can interface with your system.

Do you have also checked the EVLink LMS Manual ?






Romain POLETTE - Solution architect - France Operation
Intencity - Grenoble - France
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Janeway Janeway

Re: EVLink, LMS and Power Setpoint

Just an opinion as an EV owner:  It probably is not a good idea to completely disable the EV chargers.  This can have some adverse effects on the vehicle itself as charging may not start automatically again when the power comes back.  This can also cause the EV owner issues as they come back after a few hours and find only a few minutes equivalent of charging complete because the EVSE aborted just after they walked away.


A better option would be to severely restrict the maximum amount power allowed - probably to something like 1.5 kW or so.  This is the equivalent of a standard level 1 EVSE and allows the car to continue charging at a slow (but reasonable) rate.  This is what the other EVSE management systems do when sharing an electrical circuit across multiple stations so it will not be unexpected behavior.

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Re: EVLink, LMS and Power Setpoint

Thanks for the information Romain.


I'm not too familiar with the Load Management System. I've briefly referred to the SE Load Management System for EV user guide. It seems that for dynamic mode a maximum current threshold can be set on an incoming meter monitored by the LMS. When the current threshold is exceeded, the charger capabilities can be limited.  What is still uncertain for now, is if a negative current value can be configured for the main meter for a site with a lot of generation. If it is possible to configure a negative current the LMS can likely tell the difference between power into the load and power out of the load. An undesirable feature would be the limiting of chargers for a site that is generating a lot of power (where absolute value of current exceeds a threshold).


The question is unanswered for now. 


Options to configure the threshold to be power are not available according to the LMS user guide referred to. 

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