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Netbotz (NB250) and Metered PDU's (RPDU2G) Firmware Catalog 6.9.6

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Netbotz (NB250) and Metered PDU's (RPDU2G) Firmware Catalog 6.9.6

I downloaded the latest copy of the DCE Device Firmware Catalog File as per normal from the APC website.




This advised me when imported into SDCE that all my Netbotz (NB250) and Metered PDU's (RPDU2G) had firmware updates to apply to resolve issues such as Ripple20 Treck vulnerabilities.


Current Version: 6.8.0/6.8.2

New Version: 6.9.6/6.9.6


I upgraded one of my Netbotz 250's as a test and it wasn't the best outcome. The upgrade appears to have worked fine and everything is working. But critical information is now missing from SNMP Traps, Email Alerts, syslogs and within the Web Page of the device.


For example, prior to upgrade if a Door was Opened I would get events in everything along the lines of;


Warning - SP: Door sensor abnormal state with 'warning' severity for 'Front Door' at 'Office'.


Now it will only show;


Warning - SP: Door  for 'Front Door' at 'Office'.


Basically the "sensor state" is now missing from all events.


Why? And can I fix this myself or is this a bug with the new firmware?

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Re: Netbotz (NB250) and Metered PDU's (RPDU2G) Firmware Catalog 6.9.6

Further investigation shows that this is only occurring for events originating from Sensor Pod 150 units attached to the Netbotz 250.


For example a NetBotz Door Switch Sensor attached to the Netbotz directly


NB: Door sensor abnormal state with 'warning' severity for 'Front Door' at 'Office'

NB: Door sensor abnormal state with 'warning' severity cleared for 'Front Door' at 'Office'


But if the same Door Switch sensor is on a Sensor Pod 150 then;


SP: Door for 'Rear Door' at 'Stock Room'.

SP: Door for 'Rear Door' at 'Stock Room'.


With the only difference being the colour in the Web UI, or if its a Warning or Informational event.


If it matters I can see that in the event logs the Netbotz 250 did push a firmware update to the Sensor Pod as it normally does.


Previously the Sensor Pod's showed as "Firmware Revision 0.7.9", once the parent NetBotz 250 was updated to 6.9.6 however it now shows as "PIC 1 Firmware Revision 0.8.7"

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