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Anyone else frustrated by the way DCE logs events (alarms)?

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Anyone else frustrated by the way DCE logs events (alarms)?

This question was originally posted on DCIM Support by Eric Clark on 2018-09-28

DCE puts each alarm in its log with a START and an END time. 

That sounds sort of interesting - except when you are trying to actually research an issue that has a lot of devices and events, it becomes confusing. 


For instance -

   "A discharged battery condition no longer exists" - That means that the system can't provide power - but the stat of this alarm  is not the start of the incident. The incident started at some other time, this would likely be the recovery of the overall incident though.

   "No longer on battery power" - This is a crucial alarm as it indicates when the power becomes unreliable and when it is reliable again - even if the UPS died in between


While the method used makes for a tidy log - it makes it hard to do forensics after the fact - as these events may cross over each other and weave in and out. the start times make not relate to the end times.

I'd also prefer that the ALARM text be what is recorded - not the RECOVERY text.

     "UPS on Battery Power"

         rather than the resolution - "No longer on Battery Power"


Anyone else run into this? I ended up finding it easier to go to each device and pulling the logs there and combining them myself - that defeats the purpose of having DCE.


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