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[Imported] VB Script to Sent Text message

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[Imported] VB Script to Sent Text message

>>Message imported from previous forum - Category:Scripts and Tips<<
User: mchartrand, originally posted: 2018-10-23 17:28:37 Id:180
This is a re-posting from the obsoleted (October 2018) "Schneider Electric Telemetry & SCADA" forum.


I am trying to develop an application in VB to permit an administrator to select an encryption key from a pick list and then send this key to an authorised third party via mobile telephone text message.
I can do the first part OK, ie populate a query field containing the encryption key from the pick list.
I now need to have a second field where a mobile telephone number can be manually entered then have a button to send a text message to that telephone number with the encryption key as the text. Wondering of this is possible or if anyone has done anything similar to this?
Grateful for any assistance or ideas


I'm not sure you can do it in ClearSCADA without some crazy stuff, maybe:

* Have a single user object for sending

* VBScript updates the user with the phone number of the moment

* Trigger the send to the user, maybe using a method

* SMS modem connected to each possible Main server, or use a suitable pooling device, to send the message

For each future sends, just update the user's config as required. Never tried it, might work, can see lots of issues though. If it were me I'd try to prefer:

* Use a email to SMS gateway, check https://www.opentextingonline.com/emailtotext.aspx for some options, you may need to speak to your phone provider

* Use blat (http://www.blat.net/) to send the emails via SMTP, maybe triggered via logic called from the script passing in the relevant parameters like "to address" and "body", so the send is from the server-side rather than client-side (will make management and security easier)

I personally prefer the email to SMS option as it means the email can be tracked, audited and secured much easier than sticking a SMS modem in the back of the server. Sticking a modem in opens up potential issues with someone connecting in directly to the server (even if the modem is not configured to accept inbound connections). Sending the emails via a corporate email server, with IT's buy-in, most companies seem much happier.


Hi Adam
That's exactly what I did! I used VB.