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How to connect to a Enterprise ArcGIS

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Find out how SCADA systems and networks, like EcoStruxure Geo SCADA Expert, help industrial organizations maintaining efficiency, processing data for smarter decision making with IoT, RTU and PLC devices.

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How to connect to a Enterprise ArcGIS

Hi Steve, we are testing the ArcGIS map feature on GeoSCADA. The base map configuration only require a URL link. But our enterprise GIS portal require a credential for login. I'm wondering if GeoSCADA only allow access to public GIS/map services. Please advise. Thank you. @sbeadle 

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Re: How to connect to a Enterprise ArcGIS

This is really more on the ArcGIS side than Geo SCADA Expert.  Although it does point to a bit of a limitation in the Geo SCADA Expert GIS integration, that things like OAUTH aren't presented to the client (despite the GIS layer queries originating directly from the client).


You probably want to have a look into this reference



The easiest method is going to be to use an API Key, which is common in other WMS type deployments also.


As it currently sits, the OAUTH options are not natively supported by Geo SCADA Expert, and whilst you could 'hack' at the .js backend to get them happening, the effort to do that, and the fragility of that solution would mean I wouldn't recommend it (unless you really like js/web development, have lots of time to sink into such, and are happy to support niggly problems moving forward with it).


If you are self-hosting the Image Tile Map server then it looks like authentication might be trickier...



If you look in your Geo SCADA Expert install under C:\Program Files (x86)\Schneider Electric\ClearSCADA\html\Maps\openLayers\ol.js

you'll find the 'engine' that does the ArcGIS magic...  https://github.com/openlayers/openlayers


This is a bit of a general mapping engine, so not just for ArcGIS, hence it's unlikely to support all the features that the native ArcGIS API supports.


But it does mean you could look towards this reference from ESRI again... which seems to suggest that original way I mentioned, generate an API key, and the fix it into the source URL with "&token={API_KEY_HERE}"



This will require a single API key for the whole database of course.  If you want per-user authentication... well that will require modifying things to do magic... 


Since the GIS display is all within an embedded Chrome control, then you could press F12 and display the DevTools, and see what's available (hint, not much).  If you want to reach back into the DB for things not already presented to the GIS display then you'll need to custom code some SOAP calls to the DB, so you'll need to display a user authentication dialog (since you can't retrieve the authentication token from the ViewX parent) and do it all that way... painful.

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