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Automation Expert goes to University

EcoStruxure Automation Expert / IEC 61499 Forum

Everything you want to know about EAE Ecostruxure Automation Expert and IEC 61499 for distributed control systems. Browse this forum to find the answers to your questions, ask experts your questions, and share your experience with the growing community.

Ensign Ensign

Automation Expert goes to University

The future of industrial automation is with the next generation of brilliant young engineers, scientists and technicians, and with the release of Automation Expert we are already seeing a new generation of graduating '61499 natives'. The latest educational institution to adopt this exciting vision is Aalto University's 'Factory of the Future' unit in Finland.


It certainly looks a lot more interesting than the labs I studied at during my University days (back before electricity was invented 😉) For bonus points, check out what is the probably the most geeky unboxing video I have seen in a while 😄

Shane Ayerst
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Crewman Crewman

Re: Automation Expert goes to University

You will find EcoStruxure Automation Expert also in the Technical University of Munich (TUM), where a micro brewery not only demonstrates the distributed control, but we also use ProLeiT to manage the recipes and coordinate the batch.


What will attract more students than brewing your own beer?


I wish I had such exciting environment back in times. Learning about automation, beer, IEC61499, distributed control, S88 / S95 is the perfect combination of paving the way for the future and having fun.

That's why we say Life Is ON 😉