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Woods will never be write off in the golf history

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Woods will never be write off in the golf history

This was originally posted on APC forums on 11/23/2011

Woods will never be write off in the golf history
Let us simply forget the final major of 2010. Woods doesn't appear to buy into Pete Dye's Whistling Straits. Actually, Woods may possibly be great for one of the next five PGA Championships. We can take down Kohler again in 2015. TaylorMade R9 Super Tri Driver Then there is a Woods Divorcee's Row of Atlanta , Kiawah Island ?a wind? pass ?a and Oak Hill. Only Taylormade R9 Driver Valhalla looks good in '14, primarily because Bob May couldn't get fortunate enough for three holes. simply leaves Forest about the cusp of Jack's record. Four mixed favorable Opens, Augusta Taylormade Burner Superlaunch Irons is definitely a risk (especially with the roars back), and a PGA or two. He has 11 practical chances ?a blocking some kind of huge , game, or life overhaul ?a to get over . tries. Surely , but not extremely hard. The prism of these days is the fact that Woods' game is in such disarray ?a especially his putting ?a that it would be impossible for Woods to win like he does. Because Ping K15 Driver for sale Posnanski states, Woods got to 14 through adopting the look of invincibility. Woods will have to change. Unlike Nicklaus, who started to be much more of a course manager with time, Woods will have to be a little mlaus' longest dry spell. He can no longer relax and wait for the fold. Honestly, he must behave less like his sage golfing self and much more like his reckless married self (on course only) Titleist 910 D3 Driver if he really wants to have the specialized capacity to catch Jack in these following 5 years.