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Why no RS-232 support in PCPE? BE is too bulky for home use

APC UPS for Home and Office Forum

Schneider Electric support forum for our APC offers including Home Office UPS, Surge Protectors, UTS, software and services and associated products designed to share knowledge, installation, and configuration.


Why no RS-232 support in PCPE? BE is too bulky for home use

This was originally posted on APC forums on 4/18/2010

Hello! I am a happy owner of Smart-UPS SU700I QS0215210825 and I am very disappointed with the lack of support RS-232 communication in PowerChute PE, a program even refuses to be installed with the ability to further customize. It looks like an unreasonable demand ... of USB. OMG, USB, everybody Wants USB! Hmm... Why? I don't want USB, I don't need USB, my UPS don't need USB, it's too fast for UPS, and so everything works fine without these USBs. so, why i cant use PE on my WS at home? why and by whom it's forbidden?

I tried a PCBE and it's works fine via 940-1524D (smart sighaling) cable on W7, everything fine, exept PCBE. it's not for home customer, i just don't need it, i don't need about 100mb of laggy perpetual beta Java on my WS, i don't need server-like monstrous agent, fat and tricky with WEB! interface (OMG), i don't want to feel myself like net admin 😉
all i want is a rock-solid and powerful UPS (which i have) and simple but powerful enduser friendly utility like PE (which i haven't, because it's moans me about USB). i actualy have another one Back-UPS ES 500 with dataport (same USB), but it's for my DSL and APN (nice to keep the wires out of sight) and it's too weak for my WS.
so, it's really too hard to include support of pre-USB product to the personal edition? but, something tells me that it is just one DLL module and a small exe modification. maybe APC software department personnel is too busy (or something else) to deal with it, or maybe APC market department try to push me to send really good working device to the junkyard and buy another one the same? It's really hard to understood.

And it is even more strange that the PE for the OSX have support for communication via the serial port (RS-232), while Macs long ago got rid of that interface, except for Xserve, but the PE for the Mac, at the same time, hardly able to meet the needs of Xserve tasks because it's too minimalistic. Strange all.

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