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PCNS Shutdown Configuration

APC UPS Data Center & Enterprise Solutions Forum

Schneider Electric support forum for our Data Center and Business Power UPS, UPS Accessories, Software, Services, and associated commercial products designed to share knowledge, installation, and configuration.


PCNS Shutdown Configuration



I am trying to configure the PCNS, but I have a question about the shutdown sequence, I hope you can help me.


1:If I activate "Shutdown" in the PCNS for the "Ups On Battery" event, does it mean that the shutdown is triggered as soon as the UPS is running on battery only? This means if i type in 20 seconds for the Delay, PCNS will start the Shutdown of the UPS after 20 seconds allthough it has a remaining runtime of 1 hour (for example)?


2:But if I want it to start the shutdown only once the UPS has reached Low Battery status, how do I do that? Do I have to subtract the "Maximum required delay" from "Runtime Remaining" and enter this value into the Shutdown Delay value in the "UPS on battery" event? Let's say the UPS has a runtime of 1h and a max req. delay of 10 minutes to shut down our VMs with PCNS, would I then have to enter 3000(50 min) seconds in the "Shutdown Delay" Value for the "On Battery" Event? Or is there another Option?


Unfortunately, I don't have the opportunity to do much testing, as all of our UPS are already in productive use, that´s why i have to make sure that it is correctly configured from the beginning. Otherwise I simply could have tested it.


Thanks for your help!


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Administrator Administrator

Re: PCNS Shutdown Configuration



For question 1 the answer is, yes. 


For question 2, you can configure 


The runtime remaining has dropped below the configured threshold while on Battery.
The runtime remaining has dropped below the configured threshold while on battery. You can configure this
threshold using the shutdown action on the Configure Events page.



Or configure the required low battery duration on the network card. See Schneider Electric FAQ FA405707 


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