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How can we explain accuracy of a transmitter in simple words

Level and Pressure Instrumentation Forum

A forum dedicated to sharing information, tips and tricks or ask/answer questions regarding radar, buoyancy, d/p level and flow, differential/absolute and gauge pressure and more! Please post tips and tricks, ask questions of the community and share new information.

Schneider Alumni (Retired)
Schneider Alumni (Retired)

How can we explain accuracy of a transmitter in simple words

Credit to Rincy George...below is her post from LinkedIn on 10/22/2020.  It is a wonderful practical exercise to explain accuracy.



How can we explain accuracy of a transmitter in simple words to a layman? Let’s take an example of 3 sensors that define accuracy in 3 different ways:
Sensor 1 – 1% of full scale
Sensor 2 – 1% of measured value
Sensor 3 – 1% of calibrated span

Now we can consider a pressure transmitter of:
Range limits 100 KPa to 1100 KPa,
Calibrated from 0 kPa to 800 kPa and
Measured at 550 KPa.
Error can be calculated as below:
Sensor 1 – 1% x 1100 KPa = 11 KPa
Sensor 2 = 1% x 550 KPa = 5.5 KPa
Sensor 3 = 1% x 800 KPa = 8 KPa
So, which sensor do you think is the best? That’s right, Sensor 2 of course!
And that’s exactly what our patented #FoxCal technology is all about 😊 The Advanced 10S series has an accuracy of up to +/- 0.05% Reading and Premium 50S Up to +/- 0.025% Reading.

#pressure #transmitters #accuracy #schneiderelectric #processinstrumentation

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