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How to implement dynamic Subscriptions for SmartConnector RESTFul EWS Gatway

Industry Automation and Control Forum

This forum is addressing industrial automation design & engineering, operations, asset performance, cyber security and digital transformation for Plants & Machines.


How to implement dynamic Subscriptions for SmartConnector RESTFul EWS Gatway


I'm writing some software to interface with the SmartConnector RESTFul EWS Gateway API. I'm making good progress but I need some guidance on how to best handle Subscriptions.

My understanding of subscriptions is that to Subscribe, I can POST a request that includes the set of value IDs I'm interested in, set up the Notifications and then poll for changes. When I’m done I can send a DELETE and it’s cleaned up.


This is working fine, but I don't know up front the set of values I'll need, and I expect that set to change significantly over a short period of time (it’s a dynamic set, I can’t know what’s needed). So I'm working on a way to optimally subscribe to values when I don't know up front what set of values I'll need, but I can't find a way in the documentation to alter a Subscription once it's been created which has left me stuck.

I've identified a few options to work around this, but none of them really seem right to me. I would very much appreciate some insight!

Option 1. Every time I need a new value I create a subscription just for that value. Seems inefficient, and will create a bunch of overhead trying to manage and poll all those subscription, effectively defeating the purpose.

Option 2. Every time I need a new value I delete my existing subscription and create a new one with the combination of my existing subscription and the new value. Creates a lot of overhead in managing all the creates/deletes and will prevent updates while this occurs.

Option 3. I discover and permanently subscribe to all values available from the API so I never have to deal with this issue. Creates a lot of unnecessary messaging and processing overheads.

Option 4. A hybrid approach where I use Option 1 until I hit a threshold then use Option 2 to keep the number of subscriptions to a manageable level without incurring too much create/delete overhead. Still have issues with unsubscribing values, but it limits impacts. This is what I will do unless I can find a better way.

I'd really like an option 5 that is better than these! The best thing would be a way of altering an existing Subscription to get around the problem.

Is there a best practise way of doing this?

Stuart Jarvis

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Administrator Administrator

Re: How to implement dynamic Subscriptions for SmartConnector RESTFul EWS Gatway

Administrator Administrator

Re: How to implement dynamic Subscriptions for SmartConnector RESTFul EWS Gatway

Dear Jarvis,$


This Community being focused on Industrial Automation, won't be able to provide you any insight about Building Automation topics.


I would recommend you connect with your local sales or Customer Care Center, to get the answer to this issue.


Best regards


Power & Building Community Manager

Exchange Community Manager for Power & Building