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Looking for IoT application at Edge locations? Want it Ragged, Compact and Secure? Lenovo has the solution

Industrial Edge Computing Forum

Partnering with Schneider Electric for edge computing empowers System Integrators to differentiate and grow their business in today’s IIoT world through an expanded offer portfolio, essential training, risk reduction, and reduced time to market.


Looking for IoT application at Edge locations? Want it Ragged, Compact and Secure? Lenovo has the solution

The ThinkSystem SE350 is a new edge server offering.  It is specifically designed to meet the needs at IoT and  edge

locations. ThinkSystem SE350 is a rugged compact sized edge solution with a focus on smart connectivity, business security and manageability for the harsh environment. Built for long life and dependable performance to support your demanding IoT workloads at the Edge. Compact and rugged it is designed for the non-datacenter environment, ideal for remote locations such as retail, manufacturing and factory locations.


Value Proposition


  • A unique form factor, compact in design, perfectly suited for remote non-datacenter locations. Mountable on a flat surface, in a rack, on a wall or DIN rail in any environment.
  • Unique environmental support - the ThinkSystem SE350 is designed to perform in extended operating temperatures from 0-55C. The chassis also provides protection in dirty environments with a dust filter to trap airborne dirt and particles before they reach the server. This makes it ideal for remote locations such as manufacturing plants, warehouse facilities and retail locations.
  • The SE350 also runs on AC/DC, 12V and -48V DC power supplies, the standard for Central Offices and other telco installations. The chassis is NEBS Level 3 compliant for increased safety.
  • Highly secure with tamper detection, locking bezels, and encrypted storage.
  • Simplified and secure management thru Lenovo XClarity
  • Multiple connectivity and configuration networking options with LTE/WIFI and 10GbE
  • Supports virtualized stacks

Tech Specifications


Tech Specs Image.png


Target Applications

All Edge locations looking for a powerful, purpose built server to handle both traditional and IOT applications and have limited IT expertise at their Edge locations.

Retail Telco

Manufacturing Distribution


Target Workloads

All Edge computing workloads (IoT and AI/ML inferences)

Retail applications (POS, video surveillance, building control, equipment monitoring, inventory management, etc.)

Traditional enterprise workloads Virtualization


Product Positioning

Today edge locations are force to use either datacenter class equipment which is too large and power hungry, or PC based equipment which can't run their enterprise level applications. The ThinkSystem SE350

fits the space between those two extremes. Its compact design, low power usage and high performance are just the right combination for edge locations. The SE350 can be wall mounted, stacked on a shelf or placed in a rack (with an optional enclosure). It is powerful enough to run your traditional IT applications as well as leading edge, transformative IOT applications.


Why It Matters?

Key Differentiators



  • Compact form factor ideal for remote locations can be mounted on the wall, set on a shelf or placed in a rack.
  • Short depth server (only 14.9")
  • Security - Intrusion detection chassis with lockable security bezel and cover to prevent access, encryption keyed SSDs for added security. TPM 2.0
  • Connectivity - flexible network configurations options: choice of 3G/4G support, Wi-Fi support, 10G Ethernet
  • Rugged for non-datacenter environmental conditions (0-55C, dust and vibration)
  • Fixed configurations with guaranteed long product life, ability to lock firmware version.
  • Managed by XCC


Key Features and facts

  • Compact
  • Rugged
  • Connected
  • Secure
  • High Performance
  • Long life