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What types of clinical and medical devices can we integrate with EcoStruxure?

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Lieutenant JG
Lieutenant JG

What types of clinical and medical devices can we integrate with EcoStruxure?



Could you please explain scope of medical devices potentially integrated with EcoStruxure?




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Lt. Commander Lt. Commander
Lt. Commander

Re: What types of clinical and medical devices can we integrate with EcoStruxure?

Hello Charlie, thank you for the questions


We have the ability to integration to a number of systems but the question we must ask is what is the functionality we are trying to achieve. This will allow us to know what type of data we need and what systems we can integrate to, Do you have specific systems or devices in mind that we can help you with?


Related to the BMS and EcoStruxure Building Operations an example of some of the clinical systems we have integrated into are

  • Admission, Discharge and Transfer (ADT) systems - we monitor the status of the patient room to allow the system to know if the room is occupied or empty - this allows energy saving modes to be achieve (airflow set back, lights off and temperature control dead band increased)
  • Scheduling Systems - typically for the operating suite to notify the HVAC system when it can go into a setback mode
  • Communication devices (dect handsets and mobile devices) - typically for facility alerts (such as medical fridge or freezers) we would route the message to a messaging routing system that would send the message to the appropriate clinical group
  • Nurse call systems - it is common for the facility team to monitor faults with the nurse call so we often connect to facility type events and when involved in more integrated scopes we also monitor all the calls from the nurse call. the calls can be used to trigger certain scenes in the room or activate door unlocks etc

More focused on security applications some example would be

  • Real Time Location Systems - these systems will send events based on set rules such as patient elopement, infant abduction or asset movement. once an event is trigged camera need to be activated, doors secure or lifts parked. the actions will depend on the security policy of the hospital and how they react to these "code" events
  • Staff Duress systems - again these system will trigger an action with the security system door lock, camera move and notification to security office
  • Pneumatic tube - using the access credential of the access control system to control access to sensitive items such that are sent through the tube system from areas such as Pharmacy


For both these integrations we developed a HL7 application called CEO which allows us to connect EcoStruxure Building Operation to the clinical systems (more information can be found here)


Medical devices are a less common integration for us. We have some project examples where we have monitored the telemetry machine to drive lights and open department doors on alarms. This allows for clinical staff to respond quicker to the event


Please let us know if this answers your question and if there are specific systems we can help clarify and support you with. the value of EcoStruxure is the openness of the systems and the ability to integrate to a variety of systems. Its important that we know why we are integrating the system and what value it will bring so we can best answer what and how we will achieve it



Chris Roberts

Solution Architect